Solar pest repellers: Are they available in the market?

  1. Solar SafeGuard Review

Review for the Solar SafeGuard

Are you tired of seeing snakes, rodents, and top moles in your garden and home? If yes, protect your property by investing in the Solar Safe Guard and drive these burrowing pests away.

The Solar Safe Guard unlike other poison and traps uses safe expertise to get rid of these pests. The Solar SafeGuard works day and night to keep troublesome rodents away from your lawn and gardens.

The Solar SafeGuard is powered by the sun and it is used in deterring all these pests away. This solar-powered device can cover up to 7000 square feet. Using an internal Ni-Mh battery that can be solar recharged on a daily basis and it continues working throughout the night. When the battery is fully charged it can run for over a week without the sun.

Contrasting the pricey chemicals, the Solar SafeGuard is harmless, simple, and easy to use. It uses sonic sounds and vibrations to repel moles, snakes, and gophers. The sonic sound is emitted from the Solar SafeGuard every 30 seconds and the vibrations are emitted in all directions. For excellent performance, it is recommended that two units be installed within 100 feet of each other.

The Solar SafeGuard easily ventures into the ground for installation and removes lawn maintenance. You cannot find an easier, more humane technique to rid your property of burrowing animals. The Solar SafeGuard installs in just seconds.

The Solar Safeguard emits audible sounds and vibrations that are emitted every 30 seconds. The vibrations are emitted in all directions and are used to repel the burrowing pests up to 8,500 sq ft.

The Solar Safeguard uses a rechargeable battery that once fully charged can go for another week without charging.

The Solar Safeguard is water resistant and can stand up to rain and lawn sprinklers. It is equipped with an LED light that turns on at night after being charged by the solar panel.

 How it works

Pick a location and make a hole. Using the wires that are included in the unit snap the power wires together into a socket. It is recommended that you use a one-way socket. Firmly fasten the top panel to the aluminum tube provided. Switch the power on and the Solar Safeguard is ready for use.

Get one here at $19.95 with a 45 days money-back guarantee.

  1. P3 P7911 Sol Mate Solar powered Mole & Gopher Chaser Review

P3 International P7911 Sol Mate Solar Powered Mole & Gopher Chaser

This is yet another electronic rodent control device that gets rid of gophers and moles in your garden. It is a product that has been manufactured by P3International Company which also has a reputation for the production of efficient pest control products.

It does not use any harmful chemicals or poison that may cause any harm to you or your other pets.

The P3 P7911 Sol Mate Solar Powered Gopher chaser emits sonic waves that deter the rodents and chase them away from your garden.

These strong ultrasonic waves make the feeding habits of the rodents almost impossible and therefore they are driven away.

The area that is covered by this device is over 7000 Square feet which is about enough for a medium-sized garden.

The P3 Sol Mate Solar Powered Mole and Gopher Chaser also use free energy and by this, I mean that it makes use of the sun for it to be able to work.

With these, there will be no need for the purchase of batteries from time to time and also there will be no need for the use of electricity and this will save you money.

It is also very capable of functioning very effectively under all kinds of weather conditions making it useful even under wet conditions.

Once it has been fully charged, it can be able to last for close to five days. It comes with different designs that will blend perfectly with your garden.

The Sonic waves that are emitted by this gadget are also not harmful to your pets since they cannot be heard by it.

It also emits ultrasonic waves and pulses recurrently after a few seconds and this means that the rodents will not be able to get used to it at all.

You also have to place the P3 International P7911 Sol Mate Mole Chaser in a sunny area for the solar function to work but if your garden is in a shady area then you will have to purchase the ones that use batteries from the same company. It also does not cost a lot of money at all.

Place it strategically in areas where there is a lot of concentration of these rodents and get rid of them.

If you are looking for an Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller that works then you have to purchase this one as it also uses free energy from the sun. Get rid of moles, shrews, gophers, and other rodents by purchasing the P7911 Solar Powered Mole and Gopher Chaser.

  1. Sunforce Solar Pest Repeller Review

Sunforce 80001 Solar Pest Repeller Reviews

The Sunforce Solar pest repeller is one of the greenest methods that is used to get rid of rodents and other animals away from your garden. It makes use of natural sunlight and is rechargeable using the solar panel that has been attached to it from the top. It

It makes use of natural sunlight and is rechargeable using the solar panel that has been attached to it from the top. It is therefore able to store the energy that is charged during the day and use it during the night when there is not sun.

It is powered by the Ni-Cad Solar powered long life batteries which are the ones that are charged and energy stored in them and therefore this means that you don’t have to pay for any electricity costs or the purchase of batteries.

The 8004 model is the one that comes in twin packs but the 8001 model usually comes as one single unit and not a 2 pk.

By emitting a combination of sound and vibrations the Sunforce 8001 repeller ensures that moles, gophers, voles, and other rodents are kept away from your garden. It is also weatherproof meaning that it can be used in all kinds of

It is also weatherproof meaning that it can be used in all kinds of environments without getting worn out or stopping to work having been made from ABS material and corrosion proof material. It is also very easy to install and you just have to mount it just a few feet in the ground for it to work just fine.

The vibrations and sounds that this device emits are very safe for the kids.

If you are looking for where to buy this gadget then look no further because when you head over to Amazon you might be given free shipping by the way, it also has lots of positive ratings which means that it is a product that works very well.

  1. 2 In 1 Solar Stake Light with built-in Insect Repeller

2 in 1 insect Repeller This is a device that has two functions in one. The first one is the solar lighting system that is rechargeable by the sun. This one is a must especially when you are going outdoors like camping, hiking, or having a picnic. The solar panel is able to light up to 8 hours and can be easily carried around because it is very light and portable.

It is also very easy to install because you can either have it on the surface where you are or you can use a stake to mount on the ground. The 2 in 1 solar stake light with inbuilt insect repeller uses 4 batteries of the AAA type and these are usually not included when you purchase this unit.

These batteries are for use for the insect repeller which emits sonic waves to deter them and drive them away. Some of the insects that are repelled by this device are mosquitoes and other flying ones. It is also water resistant and can be able to withstand almost all types of weather even if it is raining.

The other good thing about this gadget is that you can be able to turn off the repeller function at the switch and only use the solar light function. Also in this device is a bright white LED that you can be able to use at night to see in those dark areas. The last thing about it is that it does not cost so much and for only $15 you can be able to get one unit.

V) Solar Animal Repeller Review

Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Review

There are many Sonic Solar Animal Repellers in the market but finding one that actually works is the problem and so you must do your research properly before going to buy one.

The mention of solar actually indicates that the device uses energy from the sun and therefore it will be very beneficial in areas where there is no electricity. In case you have an Outdoor Animal Repeller that uses batteries then this will be also a relief to you since you will save a lot on them.

That is just one of the benefits of using them and then again comes the question do Ultrasonic Animal Repellers Work? Let us now take a closer look at how they work. There are many different models out there in the market manufactured by many different companies and some do work while others don’t.

One that I will specifically look into in this post is the Bell and Howell Animal Repeller. The reason for this is that I have had personal experiences together with other consumers about this product and the reviews have been very positive. It is also a very new gadget.

This device works by emitting ultrasonic waves at the trigger of its infrared motion sensors. What happens is that once motion has been detected, then the device is activated and starts to emit sonic waves that then deter the animal.

The infrared sensor is capable of functioning during the day and also during the night when most animal rodents start to invade your garden and lawn. The other thing about these electronic animal repellers is that they not only produce ultrasonic waves upon detection it is that they also move to the direction in which the motion has been detected.

This is very important as it increases the chances of the rodents being gotten rid of. The other thing about the Ultrasonic solar animal repellers is that they usually come with a bracket that can easily be mounted on a fence or a wall where the rodents are entering your garden from.

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