How to control paper wasps

Paper wasps can be defined as social vespid wasps, particularly those in the genus Polistes that erect wispy nests from chewed wood pulp. When threatened, in their defense they can sting. And that is why it is very important to be extra careful when you want to get rid of them as this might be a matter of life and death.

How to Control Paper Wasps

The primary step in wasp control is to precisely spot the insect and locate its nesting site. A skilled pest control service may offer wasp control services, or you can use the subsequent information and make an effort to attempt to manage them yourself.

June is the most favorable time of the year to take control measures against the wasps. It’s also at this time that the queen has established her small colony. It’s recommended that during the night hours when the wasps are less active, it’s when to pounce and eradicate them.

Perfunctory control that includes using small amounts of nonpesticides is recommended.  During the wee hours of the night cover the nesting places with a heavy large plastic bag and shut the nest.  Then cut and freeze the nest, the unfavorable cold temperatures will kill the wasps inside in less than two days.

Use of soaps and detergents. 

Many types of soap will work, those that are readily available in the house will help in easing the menace. These soaps including dish and laundry soap will work effectively. Pouring a soap and water solution into the entrance of the nests, will deter the wasps from coming back into their nests.

Bendiocarb and chlorpyrifos dusts.

These insecticide dust are used when treating wasp nests concealed in building voids.

Residual Liquid Insecticides. 

Spraying concentrated D-Fense SC and Cyper WP mixed with water in an area infested with paper wasps will help in killing the wasps. The areas surrounding the nests should be more often than not sprayed with these insecticides to prevent future nesting.

Calling an exterminator. 

In very extreme situations, it’s best to leave nest removal to skilled professionals. Calling the exterminator only happens when the wasps’ nests are in hard-to-reach areas. It is also advisable to engage professional help from the exterminators if one is allergic to the stings. There are many affordable exterminators that you can engage.

Usage of a shop vac.

This is a more-natural technique for targeting a wasp’s nest.  Get a large shop vac with a wand that is long enough to reach the nest. Ensure the exit of the vacuum has a grill small enough to stop wasps from escaping.

Using a smoke. Building a small fire directly onto the nest and leaving it to smoke for hours, and when you are certain that the nest is clear of the wasps you can extinguish the fire and knock the nest down with a stick. Nonetheless, you may desire to have a spray bottle overflowing with soap and water in case there are any live wasps left behind in the nest

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