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Lovatic Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Review

Lovatic Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Review

Review of the Lovatic Ultrasonic Pest repellent

This is yet another pest repeller that gets rids of pests in your home. This is one of the latest models that have hit the market and is really doing well according to various online reviews that I have happened to come across.

Does the Lovatic ultrasonic pest repellent really work?

Well, it’s basically a plugin electromagnetic and ultrasonic pest repeller that does repell the pesky creatures from your home effectively. According to the manufacturer they promise to get rid of all the pests in your house in the span of seven days only. If this does not happen, then you get a full refund.

The lovatic pest repellers are also an eco-friendly pest control device because it does not contain any chemicals or harmful pesticides in it.

And with its large coverage, it will comfortably cover an area of approximately 1200 square feet which is quite enough for a normal room and reach the areas where the pests are hiding like behind walls and furniture.

This device is also maintenance free and therefore you do not have to care for it regularly. It doesn’t need any battery and therefore all you have to do is to plug it in the socket and you are good to go.

Among the pests that this device can=n get rid of include, roaches, bugs, ants, flies, rats spiders, mosquitoes and other small indoor pests. It is important to note that the lovatic ultrasonic pest repellent is not capable of getting rid of outdoor pests like squirrels and deer.

For only $ 34 you can be able to order for one of these devices on several online stores. It is also safe for your children and adults as well since the ultrasonic waves will only be heard and felt by the pests alone.



The Bird-X BG Balcony Gard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller review

This is yet another ultrasonic bird repellent device that is produced by Bird-X which is a company that makes very effective bird repellent products. In the previous post, I talked about one that was somehow expensive and went ahead to justify its cost.

This one, as you may know, does not cost a lot of money and with close to $50 you will be able to get one that you can place in your balcony and get rid of all kinds of birds that have become a nuisance to you. I can add that if you are really serious about repelling those creepy creatures from your home then money should not be an issue but rather the effectiveness of these bird repellent devices. (more…)



The Black and Decker EX900 Ultrasonic Pest control device (XL Room)

This is an electronic pest control device that has been manufactured by Black & Decker which is a company that has continued to produce reliable electrical gadgets for a very long time and as you know very well this brings a lot of trust to consumers worldwide as their reputation grows.

The Black and Decker EX900-A-TP1 pest control device emits ultrasonic frequencies that are constantly changing and this means the pests and insects will find it very difficult to adapt to the area in where this gadget has been plugged in.

As I have mentioned severally in my previous posts, devices that have the sounds and waves constantly changing are better off and much more effective than the ones that only emit one level of frequencies. (more…)

What brand of pest repeller works fast and effective?

What brand of pest repeller works fast and effective?

Which is the most efficient electronic pest repeller brand?

Having many different electronic pest control devices makes it very difficult for a homeowner to actually make a decision which brand of pest repeller actually works fast and effective. Therefore the homeowner will have to rely on the sales pitch that the company selling the device will make. There is also little or no time to go through several customer reviews online and actually decide which one is genuine or not. There are several things to consider when you are about to purchase a pest repeller and this post I will quickly try to look into some of them. (more…)

Rodar ii ultrasonic pest repeller review

Rodar ii ultrasonic pest repeller review

Review of the Rodar ii ultrasonic pest repeller

In this post, we are going to review the rodar ii ultrasonic electronic pest repeller.

This device, which has been manufactured by Macron Corporation, is used in the house to get rid of pests like squirrels, rat, mice and other household pests.

It works the same way as other electronic pest control products that are available in the market. But how is it different from the other devices available.


One unit of the rodar ii ultrasonic repeller covers an area of about 3000 square feet. This area is sufficient considering most homes have an area of approximately 2000 to 3000 square feet.

How it works

Just like the other repellers, it emits ultrasonic waves that are unbearable to the pests and therefore will have to run away to some other places to hide. It has a special transducer that emits ultrasound waves of up to 55 kHz which only affect the pests but are inaudible to humans and pets.

These waves are up to 60 times more than the other similar gadgets on the market, making the rodar ii pest control product have an edge. It actually works very well.

Where to buy rodar ii and price

You can buy this device in several stores online like Amazon where it is sold at $89.95 exclusive of shipping and they will ship this product directly to you. Though quite expensive it well works the high price.

The other things to note are that the waves emitted by this device do not pass through walls and ceilings.

So after you purchase it don’t expect it to get rid of pests on all the levels of your house, but instead, you should purchase a unit for each level.

Another thing to note about the rodar 2 pest repeller is that it is completely safe for your pests that might be around your home. An exception is, of course, gerbils and hamsters which tend to be deterred by the same ultrasonic sound that gets rid of the pests.

It also works well to repel indoor pests and therefore it may not work effectively outside the house.

Bite Shield Mosquito Repellent Review

Review of the Bite shield mosquito repellent

Mosquitoes usually carry with them diseases like malaria and therefore we must try all means necessary to try and get rid of them from our homes. One of the many ways to try and deter them and other deadly biting insects is by the use of the Bite Shield Portable Mosquito Repellent.

This device manufactured by Lentek and developed by a leading university in the United States is eco-friendly since it does not use any harmful chemicals that will harm the environment. No creams or sprays are used whatsoever making it very safe for kids, pets like guinea pigs, hamsters and pregnant women.

Does the Bite Shield Repeller Work?

The bite Shield repellent works by emitting a very pleasant smelling fragrance that the mosquitoes and other insects will not find pleasant. The fragrance smells nice to human beings.

It contains a cartridge which is filled with beads. These beads are made from natural oils like the Geranoil. The fan contained inside this repellant enables the scent to be distributed evenly around your house and ensure that the biting insects are gotten rid of.

It comes with two replaceable repellent cartridges that can be inserted and removed by sliding it back and forth on to the device. Each one of these cartridges is capable of lasting for more than 72 hours.

This device covers an area of 15 feet radius that is if you are outdoors. If you are indoors then it will work within an area of 2000 square feet. The bite shield natural oil repellent device is battery operated by two AA batteries which are not included with it.

Where can I buy the bite shield Mosquito Repellent?

You can purchase the biteshield repellent here cheaply at only $19.99 and get a 45 days money back guarantee.