This Triple SpeakerUltrasonic Rodent Repeller is unlike the other model which has a single speaker and you have to purchase three units. This one has the three speakers all in one. It has also been designed to get rid of rats and mice in the house. What it does is […]

This Ultrasonic Rodent Direct Plug in pest control device has been specifically designed to get rid of rodents in your house and by rodents I mean the most common ones which are mice and rats. These pests usually bring in a lot of diseases and as such should be avoided

Did you know that rodents are mammals that have two budding incisors that are used for gnawing wood and other materials? Well now you know 40% of all mammals are classified as rodents, but the most common rodents in homes are rats, chipmunks mice, and squirrels.  Poisoning these rodents is

Review of two of the most effective mouse traps LITTLE PETE™ Slim Mult iple Catch Mouse Trap         Are you tired of trying different mouse traps that bring forth no results? Are you tired of seeing that one mouse running in your house every now and then? Tired of using mouse

Indoor and outdoor 12 in 1 pest repeller The Guardian™ pest repeller, which is a pest control device that has been manufactured by the world renowned Good Life Company is one of the most if not only the most comprehensive device that gets rid of both indoor and outdoor pests

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