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Home made organic pest control vegetable garden

Homemade organic pest control

Why use natural organic pest control in your garden? The answer is quite simple, the materials are readily available, the same ingredients are always economical, eco friendly, trouble-free to make and use and most imperative of all they don’t damage the vegetables.

Below are widespread organic pest control recipes you can easily come up with.

Hot pepper spray is one of the most effective and safest methods to control mites in your garden.  This spray is easily made by combining a few drop of soap detergent, one part of water and hot pepper sauce.  For effective and lasting results the mixture should be left to stay overnight.

For the other insects like aphids white flies and spider mites, a concoction made from cooking oil and water is the best. This concentrated mixture should be stored in a cool dark place under room temperature until you are ready to use it.  The water to oil ratio must be 4:1 respectively. Apply the mixture on your vegetables every once a week for best results.

The strong whiffs of garlic discourage some pests from evading your plants and vegetables. Blend about 12 cloves of garlic and mix with water, allow for the mixture to settle for at least a day then add a cup of cooking oil. For effective results addition of cayenne pepper is essential.

The soap spray. Adding a table spoon of dish washing soap to a gallon of water and spraying in your garden helps keep termites, aphids and thrips at bay.

If you have a trouble with mildew in your garden you ought to try baking soda spray.  It is simple to make. Simple combine a table spoon of baking powder to a table spoon of vegetable cooking oil and another table spoon of soap detergent to one gallon of water and spray directly onto your vegetables on weekly basis.

The milky water spray is also recommended if you have persistent problems of mildew. Two pints of milk and two pints of water mixed thoroughly and sprayed onto the infected plants three times a week helps control the mildew.

A table spoon of baby shampoo mixed with a gallon of water can be used to control regular garden pests such as spider mites and aphids. It’s important to note that after spraying your vegetable is advisable to rinse them after a few hours with lots of water.

Applications of mineral oil on the skins of corn deter earthworm’s infestation. This routine should be repeated every five to six days a week.

For snugs and snails, beer filled in saucers where the snails can crawl up and drown. The snails are attracted to the yeast that is in the beer.

Oranges and lemons rind can be used to get rid of the snails and the slugs.

How to kill bed bugs with home remedies

Here is how to kill bed bugs yourself

Have bedbugs infested your home? If your answer to this question is yes, then you need to read this post very carefully and learn how to kill bed bugs home remedies. These are remedies that can be done by yourself without having to hire an exterminator or pest control companies that will make you pay lots of money. There are very many companies that get rid of bedbugs like orkin and their prices can be found here.

You can also purchase the Harris bed bug killer at home depot and this is an ointment that can be applied and kill bugs. There is also fumigation of bedbugs that you can learn about its costs and how long it takes in this post here. Now all these are not natural ways and this post is all about home remedies that can be done by you. Let us now highlight some of the various ways in which a homeowner can be able to kill these pesky creatures without harming the surrounding environment.

Submission to high temperatures

One fact about bed bugs is that they cannot survive in very high temperatures that are over 30 degrees. Now once we have established where they have infested including clothes and mattresses, we should then proceed to steam these items or subject them to high temperatures. This will result in them being killed. There are hand stem blowers that can be bought in stores locally.

Use of Nontoxic baits

Diatomaceous earth is also a remedy that can be used to kill the bed bugs. Buy these and spread around the area where they have infested. This is very safe with human beings and therefore can be used as much as possible. What happens with this food is that once they have fed on it, they become dehydrated and therefore suffocate.

I will highlight more remedies on how to kill bed bugs in future posts.

Make yourself a homemade indoor fly trap

How to make a house fly trap

Flies are some of the insects that invade our house from different places. Let us learn how to make a homemade indoor fly trap. This will ensure that these disease carrying insects do not make us sick and also not embarrass us when our guests are around.

This is a very common homemade device.

The first step is to find and empty soda plastic bottle. Wash it thoroughly and clear all the contents that are inside the bottle. We don’t want to have any distractions when we are trapping the flies. If you don’t have a soda bottle then any plastic bottle with the shape of a soda one will do.

Next is to cut it at the neck with a pair of scissors or sharp knife. This is also called the shoulder of the bottle. Do not throw away the part you have just cut as we will use it later.

The third step is to find to find something to attract it. This can either be bait or you can heat sugar to get the syrup or you can even use honey. Something sweet they are attracted to.

Put this carefully at the bottom of the cut bottle.

The last step is now to place the cut out piece and invert it at the top then seal with masking tape. Place it in such a way that it will serve as a trap. The flies should be able to come in but will find it very difficult to move out. See the illustration above.

Now when they land in the bottle and lick the honey or sugar syrup, they will find it difficult to trace their way out and this is how they will be trapped. Have this placed at a location where the flies frequent very much so that the chances of trapping them are high. That is how you can make yourself a homemade indoor fly trap.

Eco friendly pest control methods

What is environmentally friendly pest control?

Eco-friendly pest control methods are the methods that are used to get rid of pests in our homes or buildings without harming either them or the environment. In this post we will review some of these methods that can be used by either an individual or professional pest control companies to get rid of the pesky creatures without hurting the environment, humans around or the pests.

Use of traps instead of pesticides

This is one of the eco-friendly pest control methods that is used in homes. The use of traps as a method of pest control does not hurt the pests or animals. But there are some traps that will kill the pests and rodents instead. What should happen is that the trap should be made in such a way that it does not kill the pest but only captures it then it is released away from the house.

Wash with water

Did you know that you can just wash away insects like aphids using ordinary water? This is done by spraying this water on the plants where they have stuck. There are also some very harmless soaps and detergents that can be used to wash insects away in an environmentally friendly pest control.

Use of solar powered pest control

There are many solar powered electronic pest control devices. These gadgets use energy from the sun to power them. They are mostly used to get rid of pests and rodents that are outside of the house like squirrels, snakes, rabbits and even deer. The use of the natural sun is a clear indication of an eco friendly method of pest control.

Natural repellants

You don’t have to use pesticides and insecticides to get rid of pests and insects in and out of your house. There are plants that can be grown naturally and can be used for this purpose. The smell that comes from these plants will naturally repel some insects. One example is the citrosa plant that is used to get rid of mosquitoes and cedar oil that can repel roaches and ants. There are several eco friendly plants.

Are there safe home pest control products

Safe home pest control products review.

In this post we will review if there are any safe home pest control products. These are methods and products that can be used in the home without having to worry about any negative effects on the environment and people around. There are three main types of home pest control

  1. Use of electronic pest control – safe

This is considered one of the safest methods of home pest control. These electronic devices work by emitting strong ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves and sounds. These waves interfere with the nervous system of the pests that are in the house and therefore make it difficult for them to feed or communicate.

Since they cannot operate under these conditions then they then leave your house to some other place. That is how they are gotten rid of.

  1. Use of natural methods – safe

Some of the natural safe home pest control methods that are used by homeowners are very simple and you may not believe it. As simple are maintaining cleanliness in your house is very effective to get rid of these insects and rodents. The other natural method is planting insects and rodents repelling plants in your garden.

  1. Pesticides – Unsafe

The use of pesticides and insecticides is not really safe both for the pests and the humans around. When you kill the pests by spraying them with the pesticides, you kill them and this is not only inhumane but not safe also. Now when the pests are dead then you pick them with your bare hands, you will likely be infected by the diseases which are being carried by them.

Now after the above analysis it is very obvious that the third option is the most unsafe of them all. So now you can make an informed decision on the same.

Natural Mouse Repellents for your home

Homemade natural mouse repellent reviews

Mice are some of the most common pests that are found in our houses. In this post we will try and identify the best natural mouse repellent methods that we can use to get rid of them.

Use your cat if you have one

Cats for a long time have been used to get rid of mice in many homes. The most effective way will depend on the number of mice involved. If the mice can be able to smell even the litter of the cats then they will definitely know that they are in danger and move away from your home. Get one to move around the house and outside.

Make your house and home Clean

This is one of the most commonly overlooked natural methods that can be very efficient when you have lots of mice in your house. Mice like dirt a lot so if you keep clean then they will not have a chance to come to your home.

Fix holes and cracks in the house

These pesky creatures usually find holes and spaces on the walls and enter the house. Since the nature of their body is big, then it is very important to identify holes that are the size of your palm, either smaller or bigger. Cover them up properly so that they don’t get any space to squeeze into the house.

Plant mouse repellent plants and bulbs

If you are able then you can have some plants that repel mice in your garden. The smell of these plants makes the mice very uncomfortable and therefore they will not stay around your house for long. They have a very strong smell which any mouse will really dislike. Some of these plants are like garlic, alliums, lavender and bulbs like the grape hyacinth.