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Black and Decker Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Reviews

 Black and Decker Company has been the manufacturer of electronic gadgets for a very long period of time. Most of their devices have proven to be very efficient and have gained a lot of trust from a lot of people all over the world. Their brand of pest repellers is also widely recognized as one of the best in the market.

They manufacture quite a number of plug in pest control devices and i have reviewed some of them in my previous posts. They are all effective but one may want to know what is it exactly that Black and Decker Electronic Pest Repellers Do?

Just like most of the pest control devices on the market, they use the technologies that have proven to get rid of bugs, roaches, spiders, mosquitoes and other insects that have infested your house. Lets take a look at how the average Black and Decker Pest Repeller works. It uses ultrasonic waves to get rid of pests and rodents in your house.

These waves cannot be heard by the normal human being and therefore they are not harmful even to kids and pregnant women. Pets like dogs and cats can also not hear the sounds although there is an exception of rodent pets like guinea pigs and hamsters.

Another thing about the waves that are emitted by an average Black and Decker Pest Repellent is that the frequency of the waves changes from time to time and this makes it very difficult for pests and rodents to adapt to the environment since their nervous system will be constantly disturbed and they will not therefore be able to feed and communicate properly and they are therefore gotten rid of. You should also know that these waves are not capable of going through walls and work only in the room that they have been plugged in.

They travel in a straight line like light and are obstructed once they hit any kind of surface. That was one of the technologies used by the Black and Decker Plug in Pest Control Devices. The other technology that they use is that of electromagnetic waves. By this they use the wiring of the house to create an electromagnetic field which in turn creates a pulse which then deters the rodents in the house.

This only gets rid of pests and rodents that are hiding inside cracks on walls and therefore cannot be able to pass through walls literally but inside the cracks.Those are the main features of an average Black and Decker Plug in Bug Repellent. The other question is that do they work? And my answer to this is that yes they do work and work very well. They have been tried and tested and there have been not much negative consumer reports about their performance.

There have also been very few negative reviews on popular pest control forums about them. Let us now have look at the benefits of an average Black & Decker Electronic Pest Repeller.

There are some that have inbuilt night light and this means that the light that is emitted by them can be used to see your way through at night when you have switched off the lights. Apart from using the light feature to see it also indicates that the device is working perfectly.

So if you have a gadget that is supposed to light when it has been switched on and it does not do so then this could be a clear indication that that gadget could be faulty and should be returned to the manufacturer or replaced. If you have placed any of them either in the living room, children’s room, bathroom or kitchen then you should be able to get or do anything at night without having to switch on the lights and this will save you a lot of electricity costs. An average Black & Decker Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is going to very effective against mosquitoes and also does come in various packs.

They come in packs of 2-5 and you can be able to use each of them in separate rooms depending on where the pests are entering your house from. This is also very cost effective and you will notice that the price that you end up paying to get lets say one unit of a 3 pack is far much cheaper than purchasing 3 different pest repellers for different rooms. They do work just greatly and should be underestimated because they use the same technologies that other devices use. The specifications are usually indicated on the blister pack and will tell you the size of the room that the device will work best on.

There are different models for Extra Large rooms, small rooms and medium sized ones. If on the pack it has been indicated that you can use each unit for each level of the house then do just that and have a level on each floor. You should also be sure to close off entry points where you think that rodents, mosquitoes and other bugs might be entering your house from. It also pays to be clean and some pests just like dirt especially roaches.

If you have a Black Decker Ultrasonic Pest Repeller that has been working for years and then all of sudden it stops working then just like most electrical gadgets it might have run out of its lifespan and it might be time to purchase a new one since its normal to have these devices stop working after having worked for a very long time.

Just throw it away and get yourself a new model or the same model depending on how you have seen its performance. Some Black & Decker Rodent Rodent Repellers may produce some clicking noise but is usually not much and will not irritate you at all. Just have it placed in an area that will not be a nuisance to you.

And again considering that you will have it functioning at night then it all makes sense as you will be dead asleep when it has been plugged in and working. Apart from this the other side effects of a Black and Decker Mouse Repellent is that it may affect people in the house who are using pacemakers and the reason for this is that these devices also use the ultrasonic technology to work and therefore if there is another gadget inside the house that emits ultrasonic waves, then it might prevent the proper function of it and therefore it is advisable that you then have to consider other forms of pest control although they may not be as effective.

Those were Black & Decker Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Reviews and you may want to check out some of my previous posts for different models through the following links, EX900, EX420, EX310 and EW406. I will also be reviewing different models in my next posts but what i can say for now is that these are some of the best Insect Repellents and Rodents repellers out there in the market and so you should give them a try.

The other thing i have not seen or heard any Black and Decker Model that works well for animal control. Most of them are just used to get rid of pests that are inside the house and small rodents like mice and rats. And one last thing that you should know is that they do not kill the roaches or any of the pests and what just happens is that they are driven away to a different location and thus they are gotten rid of. Thats all for now till next time cheers.

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