Requirements for FHA pest inspection

What is FHA termite pest inspection?

If you plan to get a mortgage from the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) for your property, then part of the requirements for you to be granted this mortgage insurance is that your property must undergo an FHA pest inspection and this is especially for the termites that might have infested your property. Termites are the most common destructive pests that live in our homes and they mostly destroy wooden property.

FHA termite inspection guidelines

There is a special form known as the NPMA-33. This form which has been prepared by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), is always used to determine whether there is any form of Wood that has been destroyed by an insect or organism. On this form, you will find 5 sections that must be filled. Section 3 specifically underlines the recommendations that have been made after the findings so that the infestations do not occur again.

Once the FHA is satisfied with all the above, you will then be given the mortgage. This is extremely important because there is no need of purchasing a property that has been infested by termites only for its value to depreciate because of the same.

Another thing to note is that for new buildings, these must be guaranteed by the company that is undertaking the construction. The constructor must ensure that proper termite treatments have been made on the building to prevent any future infestations that might occur. For properties that have already been developed, the FHA inspection is only required if there is a full-blown termite infestation.

Now as in any sale agreement, you will have to decide with the buyer between the two of you who will pay for the FHA termite inspection.

So it is better to prevent than to cure. Ensure that your house is free from any termite infestation before you sell.

And in the case where you find that your house has been infested with termites, the next question you will ask yourself is what is the average cost of termite treatment?

How much does termite treatment cost?

There are many factors that you have to consider before you can determine the average cost of termite treatment. And the fact that not all termite infestations are the same for all homeowners it will be very difficult to how much it cost. In this post, we will try and review some of the conditions that are used to determine how much you are going to pay for the treatment of termites in your house.

Different pest control companies will give you their own quotes after having done an independent inspection. You don’t expect a company like Orkin to give you the same quote as a local small pest control company for the treatment of termites.

There are available online resources like calculators that you can use to determine the average cost of termite treatment.

Extent of termite infestation

This is obvious, the more the extent of the infestation, the more it will definitely cost you. Since termites live in colonies, you will judge by the size of the colony, and a small one will indicate that they are developed and thus will cost you less and vice versa.

Size of your home in square feet

Since there should be a thorough inspection in and out of your home this can only mean one thing. The larger your house is the more it will cost you.

Type of treatment to be made

There are many different types of termite treatment and each one is priced differently

Use of baits – Baits are usually placed around the areas which the termites have infested. These are sort of food traps that when eaten are killed. Averagely the use of bait can cost you around $1200 – $2000.

Fumigation – this can be done by a homeowner as it involves the use of insecticides to kill the colony of termites.  But it is better for a professional pest control company to do this for you because they know what they are doing.  You should expect this to cost you around $1500 to $2000.

All in all, it is best to get a professional pest control company to do a thorough inspection in and out of your house so that you can determine the average cost of termite treatment in your house.

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