Deer Repellent Devices and methods reviews

Remedies for deer repellent

There are very many methods that are used to get rid of these animal rodents and in this post, I will try and at least review most of them to know whether they work or not. I have already reviewed some of them in my previous posts and I will go ahead and give you the links to them later in this post.

If you have any questions regarding getting rid of deer in your garden then feel free to comment at the end of the post or you can alternatively use the contact form to get in touch with me and I promise I will answer most of your queries as soon as I get them.

First things first let us try to understand what this kind of animal is and what it does to your garden. Well, this an animal that is usually found mostly in the woods and therefore you will not expect to find it in urban settings and so people who are going to find this post useful are mostly the ones that stay out of town. A deer will invade can invade either your garden or lawn and start to feed on any plants that you have grown in there.

What they usually fancy a lot is the smaller growing plants on your landscape and the time of the year that they are most likely to be seen is during spring as this is usually the time of the year when the small plants begin to sprout. So what exactly can you do to be able to get rid of these unwanted animal rodents and stop them from damaging the plants that are in your garden? As I mentioned earlier, there are various ideas that can be used to do this as mentioned below.

  • Natural methods
  • Use of sprays and concentrates
  • By use of electronic devices
  • Ticks and Fencing

These are the major ways that can be applied to get rid of deer in your garden or lawn. Let us now look at them one by one.

Natural deer repellent home remedies

As the word goes this involves the use of natural methods that anyone can be able to do at his or her home and mostly involves natural resources that can be readily found in our environment.

One of these is the use of plants, and there are several natural deer repellent plants that one can be able to plant in their garden and these will help to get rid of these unwanted animals. Let us start with a list of deer repellent plants and flowers:

  • Rosa Hansa
  • Rosa Scabrosa
  • Rosa Agnes
  • Rosa Delicata
  • Rosa Blanc Double de Courbet
  • Common Moss Rose
  • Rosa Fisherman’s Friend
  • Rosa Henri Martin
  • Rosa Rugosa Alba Rubra
  • Rosa Pimpinellifolia
  • Rosa Konigin von Dane mark

These are just a few of them that are resistant to them. You can be able to find more of these by doing more research. One thing that you should have in mind is that they really like to eat roses and I think it is mainly because of their fragrance so if you are planning to grow flowers in your garden then these homemade ones should work just fine.

Now let us then take a look at the best deer repellent plants. You have to also note that this does not mean that if you have these in your garden then they will not be damaged or eaten at all.

It also depends on the season of the year and also the nutrient that is needed by this animal at that time so it is not guaranteed that they will not eat them. It also greatly depends on where you live so different species will rid them differently in California, Florida, Lowes, Canada, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, NJ, U.K, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Massachusetts, and so on.

You will also find that some they will naturally get rid of them just by the odor alone and or the bitter taste that they have in them when they are chewed. Here is a list of deer resistant plants and shrubs but just a few of them and even some can be used for shade or just grow them as trees.

  • Chionodoxa
  • Scilla
  • Narcissus species
  • Galanthus Nivalis
  • Cyclamen
  • Daffodil Garlic
  • Bluebell
  • Century Plant
  • Dessert Broom
  • American Bittersweet
  • Smoke Tree
  • Kalmia Latifolia
  • European Privet
  • Banana Shrub
  • Japanese Andromeda
  • Red Elderberry
  • Mahonia Aquifolium

Now these are just some of the natural ways to get rid of the deer from your garden. I will not go into much detail for now since I also want to discuss other methods in this post but if you have opted for this option and want more information than just feel free to contact me and I will give you more insight about this. There are also homemade deer repellent vegetables and gardens that you can do yourself at home and rid of these unwanted animals.

Homemade natural deer repellents

How to make natural deer repellent

Here are some of the best recipes that you can prepare on your own at home to get rid of these animals and they are completely safe so you do not have to worry about any bad reactions from them.

You also have to note that these ingredients are completely organic and can even be used to get rid of rabbits and dogs if they are also causing you a nuisance. You can also check out Jerry Baker or Martha Stewart’s recipes which are also very easy to understand and apply.

1 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1 Tablespoon of oil (normal cooking)
1 Tablespoon of dish soap
Add 1 gallon of water then shake very well.

Sprinkle or spray to the fruit trees and or plants after one and half weeks. 

Heat 8 cups of normal water
Add 6 large fresh sprigs of rosemary
Simmer for around 10 minutes then cool
Add 1 teaspoon Tabasco seasoning regular
Add 1 teaspoon Tabasco Chipotle seasoning

Sprinkle or spray to the fruit trees and or plants after one and half weeks. 

2 cups of h2o
5 cloves fresh garlic 
1 cup of chopped onions 
5 Tablespoon.

 Chili powder or hot sauce

Pour into a covered container and let it stay for 24 hours. Strain and mix with 1 gallon of water.

Apply to plants and shrubs with a sprayer. 

Deer repellent sprays and concentrates

Liquid fence deer and rabbit repellent reviews

The liquid fence deer repellent is a very to-use spray and lasts very long. If you have seen their commercial you know what I am talking about. This is the complete solution if you have these unwanted animals in your garden.

Its ingredients are very safe to use on plants and so you can apply them even on vegetables that you are growing to eat later on. It is also eco-friendly because having been made from diatomaceous earth enhances air circulation around the plants. You just have to shake it to use it.

It is also rain resistant and comes in different sizes like 2pound, 5 pound, 1 quart, 40 oz, 1 gallon, 21/2 gal e.t.c. Its prices vary with different retailers but you can buy it here with a coupon and save a lot.

Hinder deer & rabbit repellent reviews

The hinder deer and rabbit repellent label can be mixed with water and just like a liquid fence it will control and get rid of these animals and drive them away from your garden. Its concentrates contain ingredients made from ammonium which cannot be heard by the normal human being (does not smell bad) but will be a deterrent to rodents.

You can be able to spray it directly on the plants without any harm. A quart or a gallon does not cost much at all and if you are looking for where to buy then you can find it for sale or wholesale here.

Bobbex deer repellent reviews

The bobbex deer repellent concentrate is a spray that can be used on flowers and shrubs and is also very long-lasting. It comes in different shapes and sizes like half a gallon, ready-to-use quart, and so on, and is also very safe for you and your pets having been made from organic ingredients. There are many bobbex deer repellent retailers available worldwide but if you are lazy and just want to buy it now then you can get it from amazon here.

Other labels are like:

  • Plantskydd deer & rabbit repellent spray
  • Deer stopper repellent spray
  • Sweeney’s\u0027s 6 pack all season deer repellent
  • Messina wildlife deer stopper repellent spray
  • Shakeaway all-natural deer repellent

Electronic deer repellent products reviews

Havahart 5250 electronic deer repellent

Here is the Havahart electronic deer repellent review that I posted earlier in this blog and so I do not want to make a duplicate, here you can get the ratings and also you can see the lowest price that is if you want to buy it.

Other ultrasonic ones are like:

  • Deer chaser Electronic Deer repellent

Ticking and Fencing

These are some of the least commonly used methods but what I can just say is that the best of these is the use of fencing, there are different types of fences available that you can make yourself and will help a great deal to get rid of the deer. It also depends on the budget that you are planning to have for this and so this is completely upon you.

There is not much I can say about these but these are just ideas and you can research more on them that is if you are really interested in using them.

These methods can be used anywhere like on your car while driving outdoors on a picnic. I will not answer the question of what is the best deer repellent and for this, you will have to find for yourself as this depends on very many reasons that I have mentioned earlier in this post. I have not heard of any scam and if there is any there surely should be some sort of rebate.

I do not want to make this post very boring to read and so I am going to stop here.

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