How to get rid of roaches in electrical appliances

Rid appliances of roaches

Roaches are some of the most common pests that are found in our homes. But how exactly do you rid the roaches in electrical appliances? Most appliances where you are likely to find the roaches hiding are dishwashers, refrigerators, toasters, washing machines, blenders, and juicers.

It is usually very annoying when you find them hiding in there when you reach out to these electrical appliances at a time when you want to use them.

Now since there are methods of pest control that you cannot use to get rid of these pests. The use of pesticides is out of the question since harmful chemicals should not be sprayed on food appliances. Let us take a look at the possible steps you can take to get rid of these pests.

The use of plastic bags

This is one of the best methods that you can use to kill the pests that have infested small appliances like radios and toasters. What you do is place these appliances in plastic bags and wrap them carefully. There should not be any space left for air to pass out. Place these plastic bags in the freezer overnight. Once this is done then they should die of suffocation and you can just shake the appliances for them to fall off.

Use of vacuum

Inspect all the places where they are hiding and vacuum the appliances for these pests to fall off. This will greatly help to get rid of most of the roaches inside those appliances. Once this is done drop the vacuum outside.


Place these next to these appliances.  They will come out one by one to feed on these baits. This will take some time but surely they will die. Never use insecticides and this may poison them and picking them up will not be safe.

And if you are unable to use all these then you might want to call an exterminator. But you may want to ask yourself how long does it take for an exterminator to get rid of roaches? And what time does it take to get rid of roaches by an exterminator?

While there might not be a definite answer to this question, we should try and get the average time that can take to exterminate the roaches in the house.

Size of the infested area

There are many factors that determine the length at which an exterminator will use to get rid of roaches in your house. One of them is actually the size and extent of the infestation. Normally a large size that has been infested by roaches will take more time than a smaller area. All this will be determined by the exterminator or pest control company that you have hired.

Species of the roaches

Another factor as to how long it does take an exterminator to get rid of roaches in your house is the species of roaches that have infested the house. Some species are hard to exterminate and therefore require extreme pest control methods and or a combination of various methods. This will definitely take time. Asian, albino, and sand cockroaches are usually resistant to most of the general methods of extermination and more must be done to get rid of them.

Measures to be taken by the homeowner.

There are preventive measures that should be taken by the homeowner before the exterminator comes over to the house to do his work. Cleanliness is very important, emptying trash and making sure the house is clean is very important.

Sealing holes and cracks is also very important,

All these measures will ensure that the exterminator takes less time when he comes over to your house to get rid of roaches.

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