Here are the 5 Ultrasonic pest repellers that work well

If you are searching for an ultrasonic pest repeller that really works then you must know that it is really difficult to get one. In this post I will review 5 of them in no particular order.

1.      PestContro Dual  

Are flying crawling and darting pests invading your home every now and then? If so, the Deluxe pest control dual is the remedy for this menace.

The Deluxe pest control will leave the entire pest shaking in their boots once you start using the Deluxe Pest control.


The electromagnetic intrusion within the walls of the home is covered well with this product.  The dual speakers are adjustable and produce ultrasonic sound that targets the pest. Can be plugged into any direct AC outlet test button for pest setting confirmation and built in night light.  The Deluxe pest control is safe to use around the home and children.

How it work?

The Pest control deluxe has an exceptional system that combines electromagnetic and ultrasonic technology. It emits a harsh and high pitched sound through the air into the treatment area.

The sound produced is audible to humans but there is a test button that can be pressed and humans too can hear the sounds.  Essentially the noise is used to drive pests crazy.

2.      PestContro Ultrasonic 500 Electronic Pest Repellers   

Are you tired of using chemicals, traps that sometimes fail, or the messy baits that have been there for a long time and now moulds are growing on them?

The answer to this question is very simple. Use the PestContro Ultrasonic 500.

The PestContro Ultrasonic 500 is used to drive away ants, spider’s mice and ticks away from your house and compound.  A single PestContro Ultrasonic 500 can cover over 500 sq ft and is even good news to people who own apartments or smaller rooms.

The PestContro Ultrasonic 500 produces ultrasonic vibrations that are an audible to the human and the pets in the homes.

This pest control is economical and comes in a three pack which offers multiple room protection. by simply plugging it in power and the product begins emitting ultrasonic protection.

The PestContro Ultrasonic 500 is fitted with an LED power indicator which when switched on will confirm that the product is functioning well.

The PestContro Ultrasonic 500 uses high frequency sound waves that are set within the hearing range of the rodents and other common household pests. The ultrasonic sounds are impossible to hear and the ultrasonic frequency sound like a really loud siren and it drives the rodents from the area.

Immediately after plugging the PestContro Ultrasonic 500 into power, the sirens are emitted. Though the noises are audible to rodents, and inaudible to people and non rodent pests.

These sirens ring out continuously to create a scratchy environment for the rodents living in your house or those that may be passing through. These sounds drive them away from the coverage area.

The PestContro Ultrasonic 500 also uses electromagnetic technology that follows the wiring within a home or an office. It can be plugged onto an unobstructed wall outlet in the house and covered by ultrasonic sound power. By bouncing the sound off reflecting objects such as mirrors or other home appliances will help in improving the coverage of a particular room.

It is important to note that ultrasound cannot transmit through rooms with closed doors, therefore the doors and windows should be left open to extend the protection of the area. There will be a stronger effect of ultrasound within the room where the unit is placed.

  1. Attack wave pest repeller

Keep pests out of your home and walls with the Attack Wave Pestrepeller. This indoor pest control device protects your home from mice and rat infestation. With the Attack Wave, there is an easy and a humane solution to a pesky pest problem, eliminating unwanted guests from your home.


The Attack Wave Pest repeller is an extremely dominant pest control device that is both environmentally and user friendly.  This is a new type of do it yourself pest control that makes it easy to combat rodents and other small animals.  The Attack Wave Pest Repeller was designed to work on ultrasonic frequencies that can only be heard by pesky critters.

The Attack Wave Pestrepeller is used in the combat against rodents.

The device produces strong sound pressure in the air, affecting the hearing and nervous systems of rodents thus causing them to abandon their food sources and shelters.

Featuring ultrasonic sounds that constantly go through up to 5,000 unobstructed square ft, this ultrasonic pest repeller is intended for use in an open space.

In addition, the rodent pest repeller uses mechanical wave variation technology, minimizing the chance that pests become resistant to the sound.

Inaudible and nontoxic to humans and common pets, this unit operates totally chemical and battery free, making it the easiest means to keep pests on the run. The Attack Wave Pestrepeller should not be used in the presence of gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and other rodent pets.

How it works

Just plug it in an electric outlet, and you will notice the effect of the Attack Wave Pest Repeller within few days. With an effective range of up to 5,000 unobstructed square feet, you can place the Pest Repeller where you need it most. No more dangerous chemicals or messy traps, the Pest Repeller will keep your house pest free all year round.

The Attack Wave pest repeller contains powerful Ultrasonic Sound With auto-changing and auto-sweeping, the Attack Wave Pestr epeller produces powerful ultrasonic sound pressure in the air and strikes the auditory and nervous systems of the pests. Effectively in controlling mice, rats, cockroaches, fleas, crickets ants and most of the other common pests.

Attack Wave pest repeller is harmless to Humans and Pets the high-intensity sound waves produced by the Attack Wave Pestrepeller are out of the hearing range of human beings and most household pets.

  1. Koolatron ultrasonic pest repeller

The ultrasonic Koolatron pest repeller is effectively used to keep mice, rats and other pests away from your residence. This device has been designed to provide your house with electromagnetic security.

The ultrasonic sounds are inaudible to the humans, cats, birds and dogs. The ultrasonic Koolatron pest repeller device emits ultrasonic sirens at specific sound ranges that are within pest hearing and drives them away from the noise.

How it works

The ultrasonic Koolatron pest repeller emits ultrasonic sirens that an audible to human but it is a terrible sound the birds, rats and mice.

Simply plug the ultrasonic Koolatron pest repeller into an electrical outlet and it will instantly start working and not long before the pests move out of the home.

The ultrasonic sirens drive out the pests.


The ultrasonic Koolatron pest repeller is fitted with twin speakers that generate harsh ultrasonic sirens that are inaudible to humans.

The ultrasonic Koolatron pest repeller is also fitted with a pitch selector that can send the ultrasonic sounds within a range of approximately 1-2 acres.

The ultrasonic Koolatron pest repeller comes with a continuous on-off selector.  This random on/off setting automatically turns each speaker on and off randomly. With this kind of random setting, the speakers automatically turns themselves on and off and this mode helps in saving of electricity.

The ultrasonic Koolatron pest repeller is also fitted with a floor night light switch which is plugged into an outlet and will turn on and off. It is highly appreciated in halls or dimly lit areas.

  1. Balcony gard ultrasonic pest repeller

The Balcony gard ultrasonic pest repeller is a deterrent that is used in keeping stray dogs, cats, rabbits and other creatures at bay. This humane, effective and maintenance free device keeps off these pests off your property without a hustle.

This Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller is made long lasting, weather-proof construction and can be mounted anywhere. The Balcony gard ultrasonic pest repeller detects movement with the use of the infrared sensors and can cover over 3500sq ft .  The Balcony gard ultrasonic pest repeller is ideal to use in the gardens, buildings and homes.


The Balcony Gard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller emits high frequency noises that audible to birds and other pests and it drives them crazy! Totally safe for your whole family, including pets like cats, dogs birds and reptiles. The Balcony Gard uses ultrasonic sound waves that are nearly silent to humans to provide sonic “bird-proofing” for up to 900 sq. ft.

The weatherproof covering is intended to endure outdoor use.

It is very imperative to use the item according to directives, also bearing in mind variables such as the pressure of the pests; the pest’s natural behaviour which the user is trying to modify. Ultrasound can be extremely effective in repelling birds in limited areas.

Ultrasound waves travel outwards in a straight line and dissipate quickly in open air.  Hence the Units must be mounted at the height of the bird problem most preferably where there are walls, ceilings and other surfaces to bounce off.

How the Balcony gard ultrasonic pest repeller works.

Simply mount the Balcony gard ultrasonic pest repeller on an unobstructed area preferably in your garden or just outside the door.

The high pitch ultrasonic noises emitted from repeller will keep the cats, birds, and other pests away from your house.  It may take some time to see the results but eventually all these pests will stop coming into your compound.

So there you have it, you are now able to choose an ultrasonic pest repeller that will not let you down.

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