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Bedlam bed bug spray reviews

Here are Bedlam bed bug spray reviews

If your bed bugs become a nuisance and keep biting you all the time when you rest in your bed, then there are many products available that can help you to get rid of them completely. One of these products is the Bedlam bed bug spray. From its name, we can tell that it is a spray. So how does it work if at all it does?

How the bedlam bed bug spray kills bedbugs, fleas, ticks, and lice

It comes as in an aerosol can and therefore you have to first identify the areas which have been infested and spray it on them directly to them. Unlike some other sprays, the bedlam bed bug spray does have a little bit of smell so it is advisable to open the windows of your house so that the smell will fade away after a few hours.

Since it comes with its own instructions manual, you have to follow what it says for it to be very effective. One of the instructions is that you have to spray directly at the bedbugs then wait for a few minutes because they will definitely not die instantly.

The other precautions that you have to observe while using this product are that you have to separate the surface you are spraying at from other surfaces. For example, take away the mattress from the bed. You must also close the room for about 5 hours so that all the areas can be reached by the spray.

If the problem still persists, it will mean only one thing. They were hiding very far away in corners and you have to do it repeatedly.  It is also very cheap and you can buy it on several online stores at about $20 which is very affordable considering the scratching on your body.

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