Heat treatment for bed bugs effectiveness Compared to any other treatment like using dry vapor steam, mechanical killers like dust, and physical removal, to kill the bedbugs and their eggs, heat treatment is only effective if the contact with bed bugs can be evidently traced to one particular event. Besides, […]

Review for the Solar SafeGuard Are you tired of seeing snakes, rodents, and top moles in your garden and home? If yes, protect your property by investing in the Solar Safe Guard and drive these burrowing pests away. The Solar Safe Guard unlike other poison and traps uses safe expertise

What is FHA termite pest inspection? If you plan to get a mortgage from the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) for your property, then part of the requirements for you to be granted this mortgage insurance is that your property must undergo an FHA pest inspection and this is especially for

Propane bird repellers reviews Did you know that you can use propane to get rid of birds at your home? Well, that’s true and there are two devices that can be used to get rid of birds. Zon Mark 4 propane cannon review Review of the Zon Mark 4 propane

Getting rid of unwanted birds on the balcony The balcony of your house is a place where you want to relax and enjoy your day without getting any nuisance from anything or anyone. There may be unwanted guests like birds that will come and litter all over your balcony and

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