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Black & Decker EX900-A-TP1 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

The Black and Decker EX900 Ultrasonic Pest control device (XL Room)

This is an electronic pest control device that has been manufactured by Black & Decker which is a company that has continued to produce reliable electrical gadgets for a very long time and as you know very well this brings a lot of trust to consumers worldwide as their reputation grows.

The Black and Decker EX900-A-TP1 pest control device emits ultrasonic frequencies that are constantly changing and this means the pests and insects will find it very difficult to adapt to the area in where this gadget has been plugged in.


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Riddex Sonic plus Repeller with side outlets (Set of 3)

This is a new product with the brand name Riddex that uses the wiring of the house to get rid of pests and rodents.

It creates a magnetic pulse which causes discomfort to the insects and then they are deterred from your house.

Riddex Sonic plus Electronic Pest control device is very effective in chasing roaches away from your building.

If you have a house that has cracks on walls, then you should really consider getting an electronic pest control device that uses the electromagnetic waves technology since this is the one that is most effective in driving away pests that hiding in cracks on your walls.


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P3 P7911 Sol Mate Solar Powered Mole & Gopher Chaser

This is yet another electronic rodent control device that gets rid of gophers and moles in your garden. It is a product that has been manufactured by P3International Company which also has a reputation for the production of efficient pest control products. It does not use any harmful chemicals or poison and that may cause any harm to you or your other pets.

The P3 P7911 Sol Mate Solar Powered Gopher chaser emits sonic waves that deter the rodents and chase them away from your garden. These strong ultrasonic waves make the feeding habits of the rodents almost impossible and therefore they are driven away.

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