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what is a mosquito fogger

What is a Mosquito Fogger?

All about Mosquito Foggers

A mosquito fogger is a very handy appliance to have around the house. Nonetheless, it is not a guarantee that it will get rid of every single mosquito hovering inside your house or yard.

However, the good news about using a mosquito fogger numerous times will radically reduce these blood-sucking insects in your home or outdoor yard.

Apart from being annoying, mosquitos are typically a flying disease carrier. To the eyes, they seem harmless, but one mosquito bite can transmit chains of illnesses that may lead to severe aftermaths and other times even death.

Spring and summer are peak breeding seasons for the mosquitos; therefore brace yourself for the itching and scratching caused by the mosquito menace.

One question that comes to your mind is what is the most prevalent method to curb the mosquito menace and the same time is cost-effective.

A mosquito fogger is an effective and efficient way to keep mosquitoes at bay for longer periods of time. Most effective foggers are known to be able to work at ultimate performance lasting up to 72 hours. That naturally means your lawn can be free of bloodsuckers for at least 3 days a week.

As you would expect, fogger usage is not a full-proof way of getting rid of mosquitoes as it’s only a temporary way out. The killing effect of the mist will in due course wear off, thus meaning that mosquitoes will come back to your house or yard. The fog from the fogger is termed to be effective in killing mosquitoes that come in direct contact with the fog during flight. Fog will not kill mosquitos that are not flying or hiding in the bushes. Also, the fog does not kill mosquito larvae and this means that the next generation of insects is still on its way.

A fogger works similarly to an atomizer. It contains a spray that can fill with liquid that can easily be sprayed into the air. With a mosquito fogger, the atomizer is filled up with insecticide which, upon spraying, converts the liquid inside it into small droplets.

The fogger comes equipped with a nozzle that changes liquid into minute atoms that are small enough to squeeze through fissures, small holes, or dents, consequently reaching the utmost mosquito breeding places.

The first step before using the fogger is to scan the area that needs to be sprayed to find nests and breeding dens.

These breeding nests need to be handled first because they can prove challenging for the fogger. Foggers can only do so much, and killing larvae is not one of its pluses.

After the breeding areas have been scrutinized and controlled, it is recommended to schedule weekly or monthly spraying.

It is also good to keep spraying at least twice a week or when you feel the mosquitoes returning. To keep the mosquitos from infiltrating the yard, ensure the fogging routine is mainly focused on the grass and bushes. Also, be certain to clear of nests and passing insects.



Thermal mosquito fogger.

As the name describes, the thermal mosquito fogger is centralized on a heating component which is mounted on the front of the fogger.

Underneath this thermal fogger is a small propane gas tank and, owing to the whole system function of the device, it is therefore highly recommended to use this mosquito fogger for outdoor purposes only.

However, this device should be kept away from children’s reach at home; this is because it operates at very high temperatures.

Almost all thermal foggers require preheating before being out to use. Thermal mosquito foggers are portable, in the sense that they can be used minus any major effort by any other member of your household.

The majority of thermal foggers can cover up an area of up to 5,000 square feet, therefore small to medium-sized grounds are covered.

It is highly recommended that you ensure one can clear the sprayed area in less than 10 minutes, consequently, proceed on your beloved outdoor and camping activities. The atoms eliminated by thermal foggers are between 0.5 to 10 microns, which makes it easier for them to infiltrate the hardest spots.

The chemical substances inside the fogger are so insignificant that research has proved farming pesticides to be much stronger and toxic.

Therefore, it is safe to use around kids and animals. Kids should go out for a minimum of 10 minutes after the spray has been applied in the house with no worries of the fog chemicals coming in contact with their eyes.

Larvicides and adulticides are the most active components found in mosquito foggers. Larvicides are mostly used to eliminate the mosquitoes breeding on the water surface. Adulticides are used for adult mosquitoes that are mostly in mid-flight.

COLD thermal fogger _ electric mosquito fogger

The cold thermal fogger also known as the Electric Mosquito Fogger is backed up by an electrically powered engine that eliminates fog or mist via several inbuilt nozzles by use of high air pressures.

The clod thermal fogger relies mostly on on-air and hence does not require pre-heating before usage it’s considered low risk in terms of burns. The only disadvantage of the cold thermal fogger is that it cannot work unless connected to power.


A mosquito fogger ought to be your go-to answer for keeping your yard safe and clear of mosquitoes. It contains the slightest amount of chemical substances therefore you can spray your yard and have a long-lasting effect on the mosquito population around the home.

Having all the different types of foggers that fit your desires is always available for those who want the most suitable routine for their family.

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