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top 5 snake repellents to buy in 2021

Top 5 snake repellents to buy in 2021

A number of people handle unexpected and unforeseen encounters with snakes well, however, others not so much. In this post, we review the top 5 snake repellents to buy in 2021.

Most snake bites occur when humans tamper or try to move the snakes.

Coming across a dead snake can also be a frightening experience, to avoid such scenarios it is better to be armed with a snake repellent.

Snake repellents together with proper landscape maintenance, will with no doubt help people and snakes coming into contact with each other.

Some repellent use scent whereas others uses sound to create a very uncomfortable environment for these serpents.

Not all snake repellents are of the same composition. If you are looking to avoid encounters with these dangerous serpents, read on this article and find the best snake repellent for your home and gardens.

  1. Ortho Snake B Gon

Use the Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent to prevent snakes entry, nesting, and scavenging. The Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent works by crushing the snake’s sense of smell subsequently causing it to no longer smell its prey.

The snake will therefore move onto areas with ‘fresher’ air. As an added advantage of using the Ortho repellents is its ‘no stink’ formula therefore you can try them risk-free. It is safe for people, pets, and plants.

The Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent is made from active ingredients like Cinnamon Oil, Geraniol, Castor Oil, Peppermint Oil, Clove Oil.

These oils contain a strong aroma that repels these reptiles. It comes in a plastic shaker bottle which makes for easy dispense.

Directions for use

The first step is to remove the seal under the cap and replace it with the shaker top. Hold the bottle with shaker top pointed headfirst and down.

Next, shake the bottle side-to-side to dispense.

Generously apply to the grass and soil around flowers and other plants ensuring you apply an even amount.

When using on food crops, apply this repellent when no above-ground food produces are present, as well as the blossoms. Repeat application frequently after every 30 days.

It is noteworthy that the aroma at first is very strong during the first day but will gradually diminish. Rain also reduces the smell and weakens the granules as well.

  1. Safer Brand 5951 Snake Shield

Safer Brand Snake Shield is a chemical-free formula and it uses a unique combination of natural oils and sulfur that effectively repels snakes without damaging your grass, pets, or family.

The Snake shield is a granular, scent-based snake repellent made from natural essential oils of cedarwood, clove, and cinnamon.

It has a pleasant smell to humans however this smell is unpleasant to snakes. This pungent odor instantaneously begins to work to protect the treated area.

The Safer Brand 5951 Snake Shield is completely safe around people, pets, and plants.

Snakes are vigilant animals that can smell chemical signals in the atmosphere in order to understand their environment.

These signals can be interpreted by the snake’s Jacobsen’s organ, and then sent to the brain to help a snake navigate.

The Snake Shield blocks this vital communication and confuses snakes, subsequently causing them to automatically flee the area.

Use Snake Shield around practically on any outdoor area such as house perimeters, yards, flowerbeds, parks, fence lines, and more

Directions for use

Apply the Snake Shield by shaking the granules straight from the bag to create an 8-inch wide fence strip around the specific area.

Ensure to create a nonstop barrier strip with no gaps. The barrier will keep the snakes away for weeks. In case of heavy rain, reapply.

  1. BRISON Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent

Unlike other snake repellent products, the BRISON Pest Control Ultrasonic Pest Repellent does not use pellets or sprays, it simply uses electricity.

This repeller emits “bionic, electromagnetic, and ultrasonic waves” that distract and confuse snakes and other household pests.

The ultrasonic sounds emitted by this device are imperceptible and safe for people and pets.

BRISON Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent offers total protection in your home, warehouse, or even the office. It not only guards your home against snakes alone but also other pests including the bats, squirrels, and even rats.

Use this repeller as it uses electromagnetic waves that are highly effective and cover a large area of more than 1000 square feet. For best and lasting effects it is recommended you use continuously for three weeks.

Simply plug the BRISON Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent into the wall socket and you are ready to go.

Another added advantage of using this repeller is that it is safe for both humans and pets and it is also flame retardant making it environmentally friendly.

  1. Enviro Pro 16003 Snake Scram

Snake Scram is a powerful granular scent-based snake repellent.

Made from natural essential oils of rosemary, cinnamon, clove, cedar, and garlic, plus peanut hulls and sulfur, the smell is very strong but not unfriendly, therefore ensure to seal up the remaining unused product in the container for later storage.

Snake Scram is eco-friendly and therefore can be used around people, plants, and pets. It is so powerful that it begins working immediately to chase the snakes away from the treated area and keep them out.

This repellent will only work when applied every couple of weeks. In case of heavy rain, ensure you re-apply since the granules will be washed away thus reducing its effectiveness.

The bottom line is this product does work really well and is better compared to sprays which do not last at all.

Directions for use

The Enviro Pro 16003 Snake Scram covers an even larger area of 2,100square feet. Ensure you spread it evenly while shaking it directly on to the targeted areas. Reapply again after two weeks and again 30 days after the first treatment.

  1. Snake Defense Natural Snake Repellent

Snake Defense is a liquid scent-based snake repellent made from clove oil, peppermint oil, and other non-chemical, harmless ingredients.

The spray emits a quick punch of intense scent that rapidly scares snakes away but is safe for people and pets.

Take precautions when applying this product in areas snakes are known to hover.

The Snake Defense Natural Snake Repellent makes the snakes agitated and slightly aggressive before moving out.

Use the Snake Defense to treat your home perimeters, barns, sheds, and vehicles. It is effective when used early in the year when snakes are becoming active and late in the year as this is when they seek shelter from cooling temperatures. Each application lasts between two days and a week.

So the above are the top 5 snake repellents to buy in 2021.

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