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has riddex been banned from stores

Riddex Pest Repeller Review

The Riddex Digital Pest Repeller review

This Repeller works slightly different from the other Pest Repellers in that it produces a magnetic field around the wiring in which it has been connected. This, in turn, makes the pests uncomfortable around where it has been plugged. Most other features are more or less the same as the other devices in the market. It also has the Led light feature that allows you to see the dark corners at night when you have switched off the light.

Once you have purchased this unit you will find an instruction manual inside that will enable you to properly use it as seen on TV.

The riddex pest repeller will help you make a lot of savings especially on the energy costs and therefore use the money for something different and this is so at this time where money is a problem. You can also use this device only in the inside of your house so make sure that you do not plug it outside and expect it to get rid of animal rodents like the squirrels and even birds.

Is the Riddex Pest Repeller Safe around Pets

This is one question that you should know before going to purchase this device. The correct answer to this question is very safe with humans and also around pets like dogs and cats. But unfortunately, not all pets will be safe like the pet rodents that you may have will be affected or rather irritated by this device so it may not be advisable to purchase the Riddex Pest Repeller when you have these kinds of Pets around your home.

The riddex pest repeller does not get rid of pests like bed-bugs, mosquitoes, fleas, ants and other flying insects.

It can be purchased in any store near you, be it at online stores like home depot, amazon, Wal-Mart or in the UK.

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