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Solar SafeGuard Review

Review for the Solar SafeGuard

Are you tired of seeing snakes, rodents and top moles in your garden and home? If yes, protect your property by investing the Solar Safe Guard and drive these burrowing pests away.

The Solar Safe Guard unlike other poison and traps uses safe expertise to get rid of these pests. The Solar SafeGuard works day and night to keep the troublesome rodents away from your lawn and gardens.

The Solar SafeGuard is powered by the sun and it used in deterring all these pests away. This solar powered device can cover up to 7000 square feet. Using an internal Ni-Mh battery that can be solar recharged on a daily basis and it continues working throughout the night. When the battery is fully charged it can run for over a week without the sun.

Contrasting the pricey chemicals, the Solar SafeGuard is harmless, simple and easy to use. It uses the sonic sounds and vibrations to repel moles, snakes and gophers. The sonic sound emitted from the Solar SafeGuard every 30 seconds and the vibrations are emitted in all directions. For excellent performance, it is recommended that two units be installed within 100 feet of each other.

The Solar SafeGuard easily ventures into the ground for installation and removes for lawn maintenance. You cannot find an easier, more humane technique to rid your property of burrowing animals. The Solar SafeGuard installs in just seconds.


The Solar Safeguard emits audible sound and vibrations that are emitted every 30 seconds. The vibrations are emitted to all directions and are used to repel the burrowing pests up to 8,500 sq ft.

The Solar Safeguard uses a rechargeable battery that once fully charged can go for another week without charging.

The Solar Safeguard is water resistant and can stand up to rains and lawn sprinklers. It is equipped with LED light that turns on at night after being charged by the solar panel.

How it works

Pick a location and make a hole. Using the wires that are included in the unit snap the power wires together into a socket. It is recommended that you use a one way socket. Firmly fasten the top panel to the aluminium tube provided. Switch the power on and the Solar safe guard is ready for use.

Get one here at $19.95 with a 45 days money back guarantee.

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