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Smartworks Ultrasonic pest Repeller review

Smartworks Ultrasonic pest Repeller with built in night light


The Smartworks Ultrasonic Pest Repeller device that has been manufactured by smartworks consumer products uses ultrasonic waves to get rid of pests and other rodents in your home.

The ultrasonic waves work just like other electronic pest control devices and once it has been turned on it automatically starts to emit these waves which make the pests feel uncomfortable and when they are irritated they move away from your home.

It does not emit any harmful chemicals and therefore it is very safe for your children, pets and also you. The only pets that can be deterred by this device are like rodent pets like hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs.


As the name suggests the Smartworks Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with built-in night light has an led bulb that can be able to last for very long without going off.

This can be used to light during the night where there is darkness in the room and not having to switch on the light.

In places like the kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom when you would like to pick up something in total darkness then this device is going to be of great help in such areas.


It does not cost much and with $10 you can be able to buy one at online stores like the Amazon and such other places.

This device will plug into any wall socket standard size. This is an eco-friendly way to get rid of pests and other insects in your house.

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