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Riddex Plug In Pest Repeller Unit L1112

Riddex Plug in Pest Repeller Unit L1112 Review

The Riddex Plug in Pest Repeller Unit L1112 that has been manufactured by Global Instruments Ltd., works in such a way that it gets rid of pests such as roaches, mice, ants, snakes, spiders and fleas in your house using the electromagnetic technology by using the wiring of the house to create a field that makes the pests feel very uncomfortable and they are driven away.

Covers an area of around 2000square feet and if you purchase one unit it will be enough to cover a one storey building very effectively for a larger building of more than one storey then you will have to get extra units for each level. It is very cheap and you can get one unit of the Riddex plus Plug in Pest Repeller Unit L1112 at a very affordable price of less then $50 at a retail store near you or you can even purchase it at online stores.

It is not harmful at all to the environment since it does not use any chemicals or any traps. It also comes with a one years’ full warranty and if it does not function within this time, then it will be good for taking it back to the manufacturer for a replacement or a refund. The pet rodents that will be really affected by this gadget is are the snakes, gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs apart from these every other pet is safe and your kids will not be affected either.

The Riddex Plug-in Pest Repeller Unit L1112 also has a flashlight which will make your room bright when there is darkness. Patience is also a factor to consider here and so you should not expect it to drive away from the pests all of a sudden and you have to give it the time of around three weeks for you to see some results. Some pests once they get accustomed to these sounds they go and hide somewhere safe and interchanging the position also helps in driving away the stubborn rodents. A word of caution about plugging it in the socket is that you don’t have to use switch-controlled outlets and just use the 110 volts outlet for it to perform well. So go ahead and purchase yourself the Riddex Plug in Pest Repeller Unit L1112 (Riddex Plus) and get rid of most of the rodents and insects in your house.

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