Residential pest control products

Residential pest control products are also known as Do-It-Yourself Pest Control. These are products that one can easily make at home with the readily available materials found in the house.

Ant Control Products

It is most important to first classify the category of ants that one is dealing with, and then pick the accurate product to eliminate the infestation. There are different types of ants; we have a fire ant, household ants and the carpenter ants.

White vinegar.

Ants distinguish smells with their antennae and can establish direction and concentration of scents. If a scavenger ant finds food, it will leave marked trails leading back to the colony. The other ants will use this trails to follow  the source of the food.

By pouring white vinegar in all of their point’s entrance and any paths that you might think the ants use, you are distracting their scent trails and thus making it harder for the ants to sneak back to the food source they’ve been invading.

You also consider wiping all the surfaces in the kitchen especially in the counters and cooking tables.

The Ant Honey Pot

Place some honey in a pot and place it outside the home. Once the ants sense the sweet smell of the honey they will come crawling into the honey pot and thus will be trapped.

The oil blocker

In a can, mix water with peppermint oils, Spray some substantial amount of this mixture around all entrances to the house. This process can be repeated when it is necessary especially when the peppermint scent starts to fade.

Bedbug Treatment Products

Bedbugs can be treated with using Orkin Canada products which are very effectual.

De-clutter the room.

Get rid of anything you no longer need in sealed plastic bags.  In plastic bags gather together all bed linen and clothing and seal them inside. It is advisable that you burn these stuff to decrease the chances of survival of the bugs.

Launder at high temperatures.

Place clothes and bedding which cannot be laundered into the tumble dryer. These clothes should be in the laundry machine  for not  more than  10 minutes on a high heat setting. Thoroughly clean and sanitize the laundry area of your home regularly.

Vacuum the infested rooms

Vacuum everything including   the mattress, carpets, curtains, soft furnishings, chairs, cracks and crevices in the floors and walls and even the soft toys. Instantaneously after vacuuming, the contents in the vacuum cleaner should be emptied into plastic bags it and disposed.

Steam cleaning

Dry steaming is the best when it comes to dealing with bugs in the bedroom. When using steam it leaves everything all wet and thus mildew and mould may start to grow.

flea Control Products

Dishwashing Liquid

Giving  a bath to your dog with a dishwashing liquid, will not only leave your dog feeling fresh but will also kill the fleas on its body too.

Herbal Flea Spray

This homemade flea spray uses such ingredients like lime juice and witch hazelnuts . They are  safe for your pets and kids. Vinegar, water and lemon juice are the ingredients that are used in making this herbal spray. Mix all the ingredients in an aerosol spray can and spray all your pets and clothes.

Flea deterring drink

One teaspoon of white distilled mixed with 1 quart of their drinking water is a drink for dogs that is used to deter fleas from infesting the dogs.


Clean, clean, and clean

Cockroaches are attracted to food remains more so grease. Wiping down of counters each night and washing all the dirty dishes in the sink may seem like a lot but it’s the only way of ensuring that roaches don’t invade your kitchen.

Soap and water

Spraying roaches a mixture of with soap and water will kill it humanely.


Seal up your home. Use caulk to fill in large gaps of space in closed doors and windows. Also apply caulk around wires, cables, faucets, and electrical components, since all of these must run to the outside

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