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Rentokil moth killer strips review

The Rentokil moth killer strips is a product that has been manufactured by Rentokil to kill moths that comes in a 2 pack.

It kills larvae and eggs of the moths and protects the clothes. It is also used to kill other insects like roaches, mosquitoes and flies.

They can last up to 6 months. And being odorless, you will hardly recognize the smell that comes from them unlike other pesticides that have very strong smell.

How to use the Rentokil Moth killer strips

Once you have bought this product you should unwrap it and place it in an area where moths are most likely to be found.

Clothes are the likely places so these should be carefully placed in them. Not directly but using the tape that comes with them.

The ideal spot is at the wardrobes just next to the garments.

The reason for this is that they do cause staining of clothes. You will also not need to dry clean your clothes after this has been done.

Does the Rentokil Moth killer strips work?

If the strips are used according to the instructions written on them, then they will surely work properly. And within two weeks you should see a difference on since the moths will have been gotten rid of and or killed. For it to be very effective it is advisable to purchase at least two of these and place them in various spots of your house. If it fails to work then it definitely means that you did not use according to the specified instruction.

The other trick is to complement this product with other products like the breathable clothe covers or moth sprays. You can be able to purchase this product online at the Amazon stores either in the UK or the US at very reasonable prices.

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