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Pest Offence Electronic Pest Repeller review

The Original Pest Offence POBD Electronic Pest Repeller Review


Pest Offence Pest Repeller is another kind of electronic pest control device that uses the wiring of the house to create a magnetic pulse that makes the pests uncomfortable so that they have nowhere to go and then leave your house.

Once you have inserted it in the outlet it then starts to create an electromagnetic field which deters the pests and rodents especially mice and rats.

The Pest Offence Electronic Pest Control Device also has an led light that apart from indicating that it is working properly will also lighten up the room where it has been plugged in. this will also save you some electricity costs.


It does not use harmful chemicals and is also very safe around your kids including you.


One particularly outstanding feature about the Pest Offence Repeller is that it uses something called random digital cycling and this means that it automatically changes the electronic pulses that it emits making it difficult for the pests to actually resist the waves.

This is what makes most pest control devices work well.

Those that are usually constant do not always perform the task of getting rid of the rodents in the house in that once they have adapted to the sounds they then try to hide and resurface after a while or find an alternative route.


One unit of the Original Pest Offence Electronic Pest Repeller will be just enough to cover one level of your house but if in any case you find that you have lots of them then it will be advisable to get more units.


This device will affect some of your rodent pest like guinea pigs and tarantulas so it is advisable not to have them in the same level where you have plugged it in. it also has a surge protector that will prevent it from blowing incase there is electricity surges.


The Pest Offence Pest Repeller does not kill the pests it only scares them away and this is a humane way of getting rid of the creepy creatures.

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