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Pest control insurance review

What is pest control insurance?

Everyone who is in the business of trying to get rid of pesky creatures in either people’s homes, offices or places of business, there is always risks and ,liabilities of many sorts that happen. It’s a fact that we can never be too careful and disasters do happen even some out of our own neglect while others are definitely beyond our control. That is where pest control insurance comes in.

Why every pest control company or business must be insured

Let’s face it. In the course of our normal pest control business some accidents do happen, and it is by these that we need to get ourselves pest control insurance so that when they do happen we get compensated and continue with our business in the normal way. Below are some accidents or situations that do happen most of the times.

  • When pesticides or insecticides leak as a result of your truck colliding with another one
  • Having to clean a site as a result of environment pollution after having done your pest control
  • A worker being injured during the course of performing their duty

These are just some situations that do happen. Now having said that, you need to get a good company that can provide your business with the best pest control insurance. Some of them are like LIPCA and BROWNYARD. These will provide insurance to your business and their cost varies depending on what you will want to be covered on.

So what should someone check when they are shopping for pest control insurance?

The first and foremost thing that you have to check is the amount of premium that you will have to pay and the amount and liability covered. The size of your business and types of pest control offered will definitely determine the amount of premium that you will take. The rule of the thumb is the smaller the business, the smaller the insurance premium and vice versa. Always confirm whether you have been given a competitive rate by finding out from other companies.

The other issue is that you have to ensure that the company offering insurance is a member of NPMA (National Pest Management Association). This is very crucial because if they are not a member then chances are high that they might not be legit so it is very important to check this.

You will also have to check whether you area is covered. That is if you have shopped for it online. Some have brokers but it better to confirm with them first.

The last thing that you have to check is whether they have some offers available. After all who does not like an offer being thrown around one in a while?

Once you have confirmed the above it will be then time to choose that company that will provide you with pest control insurance. Remember that some liabilities if not adequately insured against and they happen might make your business non-functioning.

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