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Which is the best Electronic Insect Repeller?

How to choose the best electronic insect repeller for your home

Most home owners usually find it very difficult to choose the best electronic insect repeller. For the average person, who has never owned one before will depend on reading positive and negative comments on forums. But how can you entirely rely on these reviews? Some of them just want to push a certain device to the market and therefore will try and make the other device to look ineffective.  Let us now try and analyze the features that a good repeller is supposed to have.

Use of both ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves and sounds

The ability of an insect repeller to use both of these technologies in getting rid of the insects is very important for its functionality. The main reason for this is they hide in two places either in the open spaces of the room or hide in cracks on walls. The ultrasonic sounds and waves will only repel the insects that are crawling in the open space. These include spiders, flies and mosquitoes and ants. The other ones that hide in cracks on walls need gadgets that emit the electromagnetic sounds. These operate by using the wiring circuit of your house and create an electromagnetic field which makes the feeding of the insects impossible. So if a repeller has both of these features then it is the ideal gadget.

Alternating frequencies

Most insects have the tendency of getting used to a certain frequency and therefore become immune and are not deterred anymore by the device. This resistance is only solved if a device uses alternating ultrasonic frequencies to get rid of them. It is very important to consider this when trying to purchase one.

Other features that are on the device apart from the ones that have been mentioned above do not affect the functionality but beauty like having an extra plug at the side to use for other electronic devices or a led light to light up the room at night.

Positive reviews on pest control forums

This is definitely another factor to consider in choosing the best insect repellent for your home. There are many trusted online store and pest control forums that you can browse the comments section and make your informed decision.

You can buy here the best insect repeller at a very affordable price. Buy two and get the third one absolutely free.

Effective Electronic Rodent Repellents review

Here is a review of two of the most effective electronic rodent repellents available in the market today.

  1. Victor Rodent Repellent Review

The victor rodent repellent is yet another electronic pest control device in the market that has been around for quite some time. It has most of the features just like the other gadgets in the market. Here are some of the features of this device.

The mini technology

With this technology it emits alternating high to low ultrasonic waves by the use of a miniature speaker which cannot be heard by the normal human.

This ensures that the pests that might have gotten accustomed by any of the frequencies will not tolerate this. The devices that usually emit one level of frequency tend not to work after some time since the pests develop some sort of resistance and after a while they are able to withstand these ultrasonic waves and so will not be gotten rid of which is not the case with the victor pest repeller.

Just like other devices the waves and ultrasonic sounds that are emitted by this one are not harmful to your pets, the pests themselves and people.

The only ones affected are pet rodents like hamsters and gerbils. Consider this that if you have to kill the rodents by yourself or use some kind of pesticide, you will at one time come into contact with them by touching and this might get you some diseases.

Since you will not be able to hear any sound, you should not be worried because the led light emitted by the victor repellent is sufficient to enable you ascertain whether it is working or not.

The same led night can also be useful at night to light up the room and move around without necessarily having to turn on the main light which in turn makes you huge savings on electricity.

The other feature of this device is that since it comes 3 in a pack it is enough to get rid of rodents like mice and rats in a room.

One unit of this can also last for more than 5 years and the turnaround time for some results to be seen is seven days. If you have more levels in your home then you should purchase additional units for each level for the device to work properly.

So if you are looking to get rid of disease bearing rodents in your home then you should purchase this gadget. It can be found online in stores like Amazon at very cheap price comparing to hiring pest control people to do the job for you.

  1. 5-in-1 Insect and Rodent Repeller review

There are two types of the 5-in-1 pest repellers. There is the one that has been manufactured by goodlife while the other one has been manufactured by Vermatik. In this post I will review the vermatik brand.

Just like most of the electronic pest control devices on the market, this one uses both electronic and ultrasonic waves to get rid of the pesky creatures in your house. It repels flies, roaches, ants and most of the crawling insects found in house.

It uses a technology called auto sweep, this feature enables the device to change the frequency of the waves from high waves to low and vice versa.

Now with this feature, the pests will not get accustomed to one level of the ultrasonic frequency and become immune to it.

When this happens eventually the pests will not be able to feed or communicate well and therefore will have to vacate your house.

The area in which this gadget is able to get rid of these pests effectively is around 60 square feet. It is also very humane and therefore it will not kill the pests in any way.

Purchase this device to get rid of ants and spiders and other insects in your home.


Common questions about the Guardian Pest repeller

Most asked questions about the guardian pest repeller

In this post we are going to check one of the best products from Good Life. This is a company that is renowned to manufacture some of the best pest control products in the market.

I will also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this device.

Does the Guardian Pest Repeller Work?

This is a question that most home owners who have recently purchased this device would like to know. Because once you have turned the guardian pest repeller you would then just expect it to work right away.

But this may not be the case always because and most of the time you may find that this is caused by either not setting it properly or using this gadget to try and repel pests that cannot be gotten rid of by it.

Let us now look at some of the most common causes for this device not to work as expected.

Selecting the wrong pest to repel

This device has one of the most advanced technologies in the pest control market. Now before you turn it on, you have to make sure that you have selected the correct pest that you want to get rid of.

The main reason for this is because different pests have different levels with which they can get repelled by the sonic sounds emitted by this device, you may find that a certain pest may need very high ultrasound waves for its nervous system to be interfered with while the other one may just need very slight sonic waves, considering that you had selected very low sonic waves while the pest that you want to get rid of requires very high sound then you will notice that it may not work as expected and this is the most common cause of the guardian pest repeller not working.

So be sure before turning it on to select the correct pest that you would like to get rid of.


Any furniture or equipment that is placed in front of this device should be moved so that it can work effectively. The main reason for this is that the sonic waves emitted by it usually travel in a straight line the same way normal sound travels and therefore any item that has been placed in front of it will cause the diversion of the sound and waves. An open space in the room is usually ideal for the placement of guardian repellent for it to work properly.

So there you have it these are main reasons why this gadget may not work so make sure you have set t properly before turning it on for its effectiveness. Another thing to note that this device has been meant to work both for the indoor and outdoor pests and with all the more than 10 features rolled to one you are sure to experience one of the best electronic pest control available in the market today.

Is there a squirrel repeller manufactured by the guardian?

The squirrel repeller brand of guardian that has been manufactured by Good life is one of the few pest control gadgets that effectively gets rid of squirrels and other pesky creatures in your home.

This is a device that has more than five features all rolled into one and therefore able to scare away the squirrels as well as performing other useful functions without necessarily having to purchase other devices in your home.

One of the great features of this device is that you can be able to select the kind of pest that you want to get rid of and definitely one of them is the squirrel.

This technology is referred to as select a pest. One thing to note is that there are very few devices in the market that have this kind of feature.

It works in such a way that it is activated by a motion sensor. When the raccoons and squirrels come around in the night, their movement is detected by this sensor and once this happens, very strong sonic and ultrasonic waves are emitted which scares them away.

These waves cannot be heard by the normal human being and therefore will not affect even the small children around. When the pest hear this sound they feel so irritated and cannot even feed normally or play around.

It does not hurt them in any way that is why it is a humane way of getting rid of these pests. The guardian squirrel repeller usually interferes with the nervous system of these pesky creatures and therefore they are not able to perform there day to day activities around the area where the device has been placed.

You can also be able to turn it on or switch it off without having to wake up where you are, that is remotely. Some of the other features of this device include an alarm that can also be used to scare strangers or would be thieves at night, led light that can even scare someone away.

Being weather resistant means that it can also be used either day or night and during rain or shine and since it has to get rid of outdoor pests, then this is very important.

So if you are looking to purchase a reliable device that will get rid of this kind of pest then look no further get this gadget,

You can buy here THE GUARDIAN SQUIRREL REPELLER at a very reasonable price and have it shipped to your address.

TERRO PreFilled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits 6 Pack T300

Review for the TERRO PreFilled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits 6 Pack T300

Common household ants are very irritating. They can crawl up on your body, in your foods, in the kitchen windows and times make a parade on your white walls. To totally kill and exterminate them you need lasting solutions that will not only harm you and your pets but will leave your house with a sweet scented aroma.

To exterminate the household ants, simply place a pre filled ready to use liquid ant bait near the indoors areas where you have spotted the ants. The Terro Liquid Ant Baits are designed to kill the workers ant in about three days.

This method works effectively because the unsuspecting workers carry the bait into the colony and hence share the bait with the rest of the colony. The liquid ant bait prevents the bait from drying out.

How it works

Place the stations indoors or outside for effective extermination. Place the ready to use bait stations and the prefilled with liquid for easy use.

The liquid formula effectively kills all common household ants. Once you notice the ant in your homestead, place two liquid baits on the kitchen counter or the place where they station themselves more often.

After one hour you will notice an ant superhighway going towards the stations where the liquid baits are stations. The next morning there will be still an ant highway but it will eventually die as soon as the entire ants are dead after eating the bait.