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The Original Waspinator review

Review for the original waspinator

Wasps are one of the pests that come to our homes and gardens then cause uneasiness or annoyance in one way or another. Every now and then they assist in the garden just like bees.

Sometimes they help in pollinating our flowers and plants in the garden.

Even though their sting is not very harmful, it is advisable to get rid of them.  The Original Waspinator is the one device that is known to do this effectively.

The Original Waspinator transmits a sensor that your outdoor area is already inhabited by wasps. It motion sensors encourages other wasps to stay away.

The Original Waspinator is portable and easy to use, the Waspinator is perfect for backyards, picnics or beach barbeques.

Enjoy a wasp-free atmosphere wherever you are. The Waspinator is environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and pesticide-free.

Qualities of the Original Waspinator

  • Has no chemical substance or messy bait
  • Does not kill  the wasps, which are beneficial to other areas of your garden
  • Allows you and your family to enjoy outdoor events and living areas wasp-free
  • Simple to use – just hang in outdoor area and enjoy a wasp-free environment
  • Traps are re-useable with bait refills available

How it works

Suspend a Waspinator and foraging wasps will think there is already a wasps nest.

The invaders will keep away from the waspinator thinking that  that is a real wasps nest and for fear of being attacked by the nest’s defenders they will  go back .

Just hang the Waspinator up in the area you want to be wasp free.  Wait for  15 minutes and all the wasps will leave the area! One Original waspinator clears an area of approximately 12m diameter.

The Waspinator has been an absolute achievement in keeping wasps away from wherever we put it.

You can even try putting it near water that the wasps were used to going to, and it was like putting a glass screen up, they stopped dead in mid air.

Get the original waspinator here at only $7.90. One year guarantee and 45 days money back guarantee.

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