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neatmaster ultrasonic pest repeller

The cool 2020 Neatmaster ultrasonic pest repeller is here!

Review of the Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest repeller

Are pests living and brooding in your home, kitchen, or the attic? Are they also scurrying around your children and food? And are you also tired of spending hundreds of bucks trying to get rid of them? Worry no more here comes is a cost-effective, equally effective solution for you, the neatmaster pest control ultrasonic pest repeller is yet another electronic pest control device that helps to get rid of the pesky creatures in your house.

This device has gotten many positive reviews and this is an indication that it really works very well.

How the neatmaster ultrasonic pest repeller works

This device uses the latest technology, which is the bionic wave, in addition to the ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves to repel the pests.

By emitting these waves, the pests are therefore unable to function properly and therefore will leave your premises as fast as possible within an area of around 1000 square feet.

It has three modes of operation: the first mode is the green mode also known as the bionic wave mode, which is used if you have a small infestation of the pests, maybe one spider here or a roach there.

The second mode is when you have the purple light on. This works best if you have a mild pest infestation. In this mode, electromagnetic waves are emitted.

And the last mode is the red light mode which should be set if you have a lot of pests in your house. This is also where it emits high ultrasonic waves which may be audible to human beings and pets in the house.

It should be noted that having the correct operation mode is key to having the neatmaster ultrasonic pest repeller work properly to get rid of pests in your home.

You also have to leave this device until all the pesky creatures have been driven out of your house. This can be anytime between one week to six weeks.


  • It is effective on almost all the pests be it rats, mice, spiders, cockroaches, millipedes, mosquito, ant, Bedbugs, Ladybugs, Wasps, Fleas or Ticks, Cricket, water bug, chipmunks, birds, squirrels, tomcat, snakes, scorpions, bats, Lizards, bedbug, moth, moles, fleas, pigeons, leech, stink bugs, aphids, name them. The Neatmaster pest control ultrasonic repellent is the product for you
  • Environmental free: there is no need to use harsh chemicals, pesticides (which may also be harmful to humans) Traps Poisons or spray

How to use the neatmaster pest ultrasonic repeller

The Neatmaster pest control ultrasonic repellent machine can be installed at least 80~120cm centimeters away from the floor. Should lie vertical to the floor and plug to the outlet as per the manual.

And this is very important to note because if you place it horizontally, then it works less effectively.

The installation points should be far from carpet, curtains and attaching sound material, etc. Simply plug them in possibly end your problems with pests, rodents, and insects.

It should also be noted that these waves cannot pass through walls and therefore if you have multiple rooms where the pests have infested, then it would be effective if you purchase different units for the different rooms, but a little trick is that if you have the setting to red, then you could cover a larger area, that is if you strategically place the unit.

This device can also be used in different settings apart from your house. You can have it either in the warehouse, restaurant or office

The neatmaster ultrasonic pest repeller does not cost a lot of money and for as little as $20 you can order yourself one at online outlets.

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