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Natural Mouse Repellents for your home

Homemade natural mouse repellent reviews

Mice are some of the most common pests that are found in our houses. In this post we will try and identify the best natural mouse repellent methods that we can use to get rid of them.

Use your cat if you have one

Cats for a long time have been used to get rid of mice in many homes. The most effective way will depend on the number of mice involved. If the mice can be able to smell even the litter of the cats then they will definitely know that they are in danger and move away from your home. Get one to move around the house and outside.

Make your house and home Clean

This is one of the most commonly overlooked natural methods that can be very efficient when you have lots of mice in your house. Mice like dirt a lot so if you keep clean then they will not have a chance to come to your home.

Fix holes and cracks in the house

These pesky creatures usually find holes and spaces on the walls and enter the house. Since the nature of their body is big, then it is very important to identify holes that are the size of your palm, either smaller or bigger. Cover them up properly so that they don’t get any space to squeeze into the house.

Plant mouse repellent plants and bulbs

If you are able then you can have some plants that repel mice in your garden. The smell of these plants makes the mice very uncomfortable and therefore they will not stay around your house for long. They have a very strong smell which any mouse will really dislike. Some of these plants are like garlic, alliums, lavender and bulbs like the grape hyacinth.

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