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How much does it cost to fumigate a house for bed bugs?

How much does bed bug fumigation cost?

There are very many ways that a home owner can use to get rid of bed bugs. In this post, we will discuss know how much does it cost to fumigate a house for bed bugs. It is very important for a home owner to compare all the options involved so that they can choose the most cost effective method to get rid of bed bugs out of the house.

These other methods of getting rid of bed bugs include the use of Harris or the bedlam spray.

How is fumigation done?

This is a safe way of killing bed bugs that involve the use of vikane which a type of gas that is pumped in an enclosed area that has been infested by the bedbugs. What happens is that once this gas has been released to the area where these bedbugs are they suffocate since all the oxygen in the area is lost and they are therefore killed. One they have been killed, usually not more than 48 hours, the area is then uncovered and the harmless vikane then evaporates.

But this kind of bed bug fumigation cannot be done yourself. You have to be a licensed pest control handler to purchase vikane.

Now back to our question, how much does bed bug fumigation cost? Ok to answer this, it will depend on the size of the area that has been infested by the bed bugs. Generally the larger the area the more it will cost and vice versa. A two bedroom house might cost close to $10000.

Other bed bug fumigation options will include having the items that have been infested fumigated separately such as electronics, mattresses, clothes, and furniture.

And other factors that do determine the costs are definitely upon the type of Pest Control Company. Each one has their own quotes that they will give you so it is better to compare and make your decisions properly to save. You can also find out how much Orkin charges for bedbugs here.

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