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How to kill bed bugs with home remedies

Here is how to kill bed bugs yourself

Have bedbugs infested your home? If your answer to this question is yes, then you need to read this post very carefully and learn how to kill bed bugs home remedies. These are remedies that can be done by yourself without having to hire an exterminator or pest control companies that will make you pay lots of money. There are very many companies that get rid of bedbugs like orkin and their prices can be found here.

You can also purchase the Harris bed bug killer at home depot and this is an ointment that can be applied and kill bugs. There is also fumigation of bedbugs that you can learn about its costs and how long it takes in this post here. Now all these are not natural ways and this post is all about home remedies that can be done by you. Let us now highlight some of the various ways in which a homeowner can be able to kill these pesky creatures without harming the surrounding environment.

Submission to high temperatures

One fact about bed bugs is that they cannot survive in very high temperatures that are over 30 degrees. Now once we have established where they have infested including clothes and mattresses, we should then proceed to steam these items or subject them to high temperatures. This will result in them being killed. There are hand stem blowers that can be bought in stores locally.

Use of Nontoxic baits

Diatomaceous earth is also a remedy that can be used to kill the bed bugs. Buy these and spread around the area where they have infested. This is very safe with human beings and therefore can be used as much as possible. What happens with this food is that once they have fed on it, they become dehydrated and therefore suffocate.

I will highlight more remedies on how to kill bed bugs in future posts.

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