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Hydro blast scare crow review

A scarecrow can be defined as a man made figure made from wood, metal or old clothes which is set up in the fields, homes or even the lawn to scare away mostly birds. It also does not pose danger to the birds because it’s harmless.

Why bird control is important

Bird’s droppings are very corrosive. These droppings contain acids which may cause irrevocable damage to the plants in the fields. Usually after the rains, the bird’s droppings quickly change to salt and ammonia and the electro chemical reaction with the water catalyzes the rusting process in metal, concrete and paint in your homes.

Another vital reason why you need to protect yourself from the bird’s pest is the damage they cause to property. Birds can very vicious on property , equipment and plants in the fields.

Bird droppings can cause pollution as the droppings may enter the human food chain through improper sanitation.

Birds are also known to carry transmissible diseases, some potentially fatal. Bird droppings spread disease when fecal dust enters living areas or when someone enters contaminated spaces & starts breathing in fungal spores.


The hydro blast scarecrow just like its name says it is a water sprinkler which is motion activated. It helps in keeping pests away either during the day or the night time. This easy to install water sprinkler that is attached to your garden hose can shoot between 4500- 5000 times on a single volt.

One of the most common and effective hydro blast scare crow is the Bird X. This kind of scare crow was founded in the early 1960s and has increasingly become a household name for control of birds universally.

The Bird X produces high class repellent that goes side to side with sustainable, humane and eco friendly practise.

It has proven to help pest populations by moving them to where they can be controlled and are free from harm. The hydro blast scare crow is a motion activated sprinkler that is highly recommended for use in outdoor areas.

How it works

The hydro blast scare crow sprinkler sprays a stream of water each time the motion is sensed. Once the birds or roos are sprayed within the area they will endeavour to stay away from this area from then onwards.

The mixture of the spray, alongside the movement of the head, and the ticking sound of the sprinkler all work together to deter birds and other pesky critters from the area. This product is a safe, humane, and effective way to deter pests.

It is considered as an effective option to destructive chemicals and unattractive netting. If you to need to cover a larger area you can link several together. Works day and night covering up to 150 sqm. 45 days money back guarantee. Get one here at $ 110.00 incl VAT

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