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how to make your own homemade flea repellent

How to kill fleas with talcum powder

Fleas can reside on your pets or over a carpet. No matter which you’d like to overcome, the method is pretty much the same and in this post, we will discuss how to kill fleas with talcum powder.

Make sure you choose the best quality Talcum powder from the market. Although that can be more expensive, the product should come with the values for your money.

Talcum powder products are safe for kids and young pets. You will have peace of mind when using this to overcome the fleas problems in your home.


Some experts have also given a nod to the effectiveness of the Talcum Powder. Actually, our baby boomers have been using this solution for decades even before the products with chemicals rose in popularity.


Some people may even suggest you use Talcum powder as a great alternative to killing fleas. It is indeed true that Talcum powder is a great option for those who don’t want to use the product with a bunch of harmful chemicals.

Talcum powder is safe to use for kids and young pets. If you are looking for a safer and effective way to kill fleas, adding Talcum powder in your household inventory can be a great idea to do.

So, how can you use the talcum powder to kill fleas?


The way to use talcum powder to kill fleas


Talcum powder is for direct use. So, you just need to sprinkle the powder on the affected area. If you notice that there are many of them, you can sprinkle and spread them over in a generous amount.

Make sure that the powder spread over the surface area with the powder so that the fleas are trapped effectively. Talcum powder will strike the fleas and they’ll die.

It is much better to leave the talcum powder for at least 48 hours to make sure that all the fleas surrender.


Check if all the fleas are dead after 48 hours, or you could just remove the talcum powder as you go. if you apply the talcum powder on a carpet, vacuum away the powder, or brush over the surface if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner.

The other way is to wet clean your carpet.


If you apply the talcum powder on your pets, you could bathe your pets to remove the powder and dead fleas.

Depending on the number of fleas. Sometimes, you need to repeat the process twice or thrice until the fleas are killed.


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