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Heat treatment for bed bugs effectiveness

How effective is heat treatment when getting rid of bed bugs?

Compared to  any other treatment  like using dry vapour steam ,mechanical killers like dusts, physical removal, to kill the bedbugs and their  eggs, heat treatment is the only effectual  if the contact to bed bugs can be evidently traced to one particular event.

Besides, the advantages of using the heat termination processes are that it is one of the bugs’ utmost weaknesses. Heat is a one-time treatment.  Heat treatment process can be intolerable to some People.

Heat treatment has no lasting effect at all, if there’s any authentic chance that you’re in contact with the bed bugs heat may not be the best option, and it can be very expensive.

One can get a quote for a heat treatment for their entire house for $3600.

People considering heat treatment  also have  to keep in mind that while the heat treatments does an excellent job  that  minimizes  the damages that can occur during the treatment Unplugged electronics in the home may stop working after treatment.


Preceding the heat treatment, household goods and electronics that cannot endure high temperatures close to 140° F can be set aside.

Example of these includes candles, vulnerable foods, medications, aerosol canisters, microwave, etc. then large electric heaters are brought into the building. Application of insecticides to cracks and crevices is the next step.

The walls of the home or affected room should be put in consideration since most bugs and their eggs hide there.

The use of the residual insecticides is for the purpose of trying to kill populations of bed bugs and thus to prevent them from migrating when the heat is turned on. Subsequently, large heaters are brought into the building and with the help of setup fans  the heat is distributed  throughout the building or area within the building.

Turning on the heaters on and installing.

Computers are set up outside the treatment area that is used to receive signals from the remote temperature sensors thus enabling the monitoring of the temperatures and certify that the heat is evenly and effectively spread to execute bed bugs.

It is during the treatment that most of the time is spent on moving things around in order to ensure the whole lot in the treatment area gets hot enough.

A follow-up application of residual insecticides is done in order to provide long-standing protection.

 Effectiveness of the Heat Treatment?

It is known that bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive temperatures exceeding over 135° F. for more than a few minute. Heat treatment will eradicate bed bugs and for a long time the menace will be history. It is statistically proven that heat treatments are about 99% efficient.

Cost of the heat treatment

The apparatus used for heat treatment can very expensive to buy and to operate. The heat treatment also involves a lot of manpower. A specialist can give you a more exact quote, based on an on-site inspection and assessment of your situation. It is costly, but it is worth your while.

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