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has riddex been banned from stores

Has Riddex Been banned from stores?

Is Riddex Banned?

There have many concerns about whether Riddex Pest Repellers work or not. I have participated in many pest control and most of the reviews have been negative. The fact is that they had been banned from stores some years back although newer brands are still being released to the market.

The newer riddex models have yet to receive negative reviews and the only difference that they might have with the previous ones may be the fact that they do have a side outlet that lets you use them with your other electrical gadgets without losing plug space.

So how exactly do these brand of electronic pest control products function to get rid of rodents from your house? Most of them use electromagnetic technology.

They make use of the wiring of the house from where they have been plugged in to create a pulse that in turn form a magnetic field that deters the pests. This technology is usually good when you use it with ultrasonic technology. It will only work well to get rid of pests that are hiding in cracks on walls.

When you have them crawling about on the floor, then this technology may not be the best. It is usually advisable to have an electronic or ultrasonic pest control device that uses both technologies to get maximum possible results.

If you have an option of purchasing riddex vs black and decker, or riddex vs bell and Howell or vs sunbeam then i would strongly suggest that you opt for any of the three that I have just mentioned.

These ones work well and will provide you with the results that you want to see. The other issue is of course whether they can get rid of rodents like squirrels, raccoons, birds, bats and even deers and for this, I have to say that most of them and in fact all of them have been designed to get rid of indoor pests and not outdoor ones.

When you want to purchase any of the Riddex Insect pest repellents that use only the electromagnetic technology, then you should know at the back of your mind that they will only deter insects and pest that are hiding in cracks in walls and not the ones that are crawling or flying about in your house like mosquitoes.

Knowing what kind of pests have infested your house and where they are coming from or hiding is very important before you go to purchase any electronic pest control device.

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