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GSI Quality Ultrasonic Insect Repellent with Bright LED

The GSI Quality Ultrasonic Mosquito and Insect Repeller with flashlight and 4 modes

This is one of the newest products in the market and is also unique in a certain way because it is one of the few ultrasonic pest repellers and repellents that have that ability to get rid of insects and mosquitoes. You must have noticed that these devices are only made for the normal pests and rodents and therefore it is very uncommon to find such.

The GSI Ultrasonic Insect Repeller has 4 different modes that you can set for different kinds of insects, and this is very important especially if you find that some of the insects are not responding to the default frequency setting of this device. It is adviced that after you have plugged in this device on the wall outlet you should monitor the pests and insects for a while and see their reaction so that you can be able to adjust accordingly.

This Ultrasonic Insect repellent also has the ability to emit ultrasonic sounds and waves that can reach a range of between 20 – 50 Khz. Within this range it should be noted that a normal human being cannot be able to hear or feel these waves and are therefore very safe even when children are round.

As a standard, it has an led light that will lighten up your dark rooms at night and enable you to see your way around even when the lights are off. This feature will save you lots of electricity costs and you can use the cash for something else. In addition, it is also an indicator as to whether it is working properly or not.

The flashlight is a plus for the GSI Ultrasonic Insect repellent and will make you see even outside at night without having to use any other form of light.

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