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Rodent pest control home remedies

Did you know that rodents are mammals that have two budding incisors that are used for gnawing wood and other materials? Well now you know 40% of all mammals are classified as rodents, but the most common rodents in homes are rats, chipmunks mice, and squirrels.  Poisoning these rodents is not the way to go about it, you can get rid of them naturally, which time consuming and needs a lot of tolerance.

Below are some of the natural ways of getting rid of rodents.

Snap traps

Trapping is one of the most effective methods for controlling house mice. It can be time consuming but it’s a mostly preferred method in homes, and other structures where only a few mice are present. Trapping is a simple and easy to use method as it doesn’t entail the use of harmful rodenticides. There are different types of traps that are locally available and others that can be easily made in the home.

A simple trap made of wood known a Snap Trap is effectual and be easily purchased in most hardwares stores. It is one of the least expensive alternatives but it also has it challenges. Locating the exact location where to set up the trap can very tricky. These traps can be baited with peanut butter that most rodents like and because it is easy to use and attracts the mice. The snap traps should be lightly set so the traps will spring easily.


There is also the use of battery-operated traps that electrocutes the mice. Examples of electrocution traps are Rat Zapper and Victor which is more expensive compared to other traps.

The Rat Zapper Classic is made of the latest circuit technology that senses when the rodent enters the trap. Once the rodent is trapped, the rat steps onto the metal plates, completing the circuit and the trap delivers a rapid, benevolent 8,000 volt shock. Since rats are known to have the ability of restarting their hearts, the shock must applied for 2 minutes ensuring a high kill rate. Each time the trap catches a rat, the trap flashes red to indicate a kill. It goes for around $105.


Get a predator

One of the most common and traditional way of getting rid of mice is getting a cat.  Mice and rats may find cats to be un-humane, but the method does fit into the natural scheme of things, and the cat ends up with a sustainably sourced meal. Dogs are also good at eliminating the rodents.

Seal up all holes and cracks in your home.

Mice can invade your home through the smallest of holes, blocking them out completely may not be possible. Sealing up the holes and cracks in your home with caulk and putty will discourage rodents.

Mint plant

Planting mint around your home to create a barrier that rodent won’t cross. The use of urine spray from predators will deter the rodents.

Kill nuisance rodents in the yard by slicing up small pieces of cork and mixing it with grease from cooked meat. Put it outside and the rodents will eat it. Because they are unable to digest the cork, they will die

Anticoagulant Rodenticides

Anticoagulants these are blood-thinning drugs that cause an animal’s blood to lose the ability to clot, ensuing in internal bleeding that is fatal. When mixed with good-quality cereals and other ingredients, anticoagulant baits provide excellent house mouse control when baits are fresh and when placed in suitable locations so as to attract mice.

Scorpion Pest Control Products

Here are some of the best scorpion pest control products

Scorpions can be classified in the same class of ticks, spiders and mites. They are all known as arachnids.

Worldwide, there are over 1,300 species of scorpions. Categorized by lengthy bodies and segmented tails with deadly stingers. They are found in the Southern and Western Southern U.S.A. Most scorpions found in the United States of America are not considered poisonous except for only two species that are mostly found in the South-western states of  Arizona, California and New Mexico.

Scorpions are thought of to be  as desert animals but are also known to dwell in grasslands savannahs, rainforest and pine forests.

There are different types of scorpions. Examples include, the Arizona bark scorpions, striped back scorpions, death stalker scorpions, Imperial Scorpions and the Fat tail Scorpion.

Here are some of the Scorpion Pest Control Products.

Demon WP Cyper WP

These are soaked table powders that may leave an evident residue that can be seen against dark surfaces. These powders should be applied as a 4 to 12 foot band roughly the outskirts of the structure, into harbourage sites such as along baseboards, around windows and doors, in the garage, inside closets and basement area.

D-Fense SC.

Is a concerted suspension of pure microcrystals of the vigorous ingredient Deltamethrin .This is neutral and secure to use around kids and pets when used as directed. This all around insecticide provides a 2-3 month residual for long-term insect control against scorpions.

Cyonara 9.7

This insecticide can achieve supreme control of most scorpions within minutes, and offers a lasting effect that can last up to more than a few months, even at noticeably low-use rates . it is also regarded as one of the best insecticides known for outdoor perimeter pest control for scorpions.

Delta Dust 

is known for its residual dust that kills crawling and flying insects. It also a control pest product against the occurrence of scorpions. Delta Dust treatment can last for up to 8 months when left intact. Neutral and nonsteak, Delta Dust does not plod or suck up moisture. 1 lb of Delta Dust treats approximately. 1000sq/ft.


Cy-Kick CS With a broad range label including ants, spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches and scorpions. The active ingredient in Cy-Kick CS is Cyfluthrin, a artificial pyrethroid that attacks the central nervous system of the pests. Made to imitate the effects on insects of naturally occurring pyrethrum, it has the advantage of remaining effective for up to 3 months.

ePest IPM Pro Bug Traps and Monitors control  can be placed behind and under furniture to trap and monitor scorpion movement.

Talstar PL Granular Insecticide Usually used in two ways: One, can be applied as a perimeter barrier directed in a five to ten foot band around your home, or  two it can be normally broadcasted  over your whole yard as well as landscaped areas. A typical application usually consists of three to five pounds of product.


TriDie or Drione dusts Combines the repellence of pyrethrin and the long lasting constancy and repellence of the silica dust. This product is for ideal for killing and prohibiting of insects and scorpions.

CB 80 Fogging Insecticide With Pyrethrum (CB80) contains natural  “Australian” pyrethrum flower ingredients that are considered to be organic. This product is vastly known for the control and termination of scorpions in a given area.

Zon mark 4 propane cannon review

Review of the Zon mark 4 propane cannon

The Zon mark 4 propane cannon is an automatic Propane Scarecrow that Uses Sonic Blasts to scare and deter Birds Away from Crops.

The Zon mark 4 propane cannon have been in use for the last 50 years. It has been an effective device trusted mostly by agriculturists, waste service and in airports. The Zon mark 4 propane cannon has been used to scare away bird pests like crows, wild turkeys and other kinds of birds. This dominant bird repeller has been in the limelight as a major innovation in the bird control with its wide ranging pest repellent coverage and a one shot pressure sonic blast assured to ward off bird pests. You can use the automatic Zon mark 4 propane cannon to protect large areas for bird control solutions.

Immediately after setting the gas regulator at your desired place of choice, start the gas and set the regulator at the desired blast interval from about 40 seconds up to 30 minutes. The Zon mark 4 propane cannon can operate un attended. The Zon gun regulator is included in the purchase.


The Zon Mark 4 Cannon is a cost effective device that comes with legs that stand it about one (1) foot off the ground. It also has a five gallon propane tank that provides over 17,000 explosions.

The Zon Mark 4 propane Cannon uses low gas and the consumption is lower compared to other automatic cannons.

The Zon Mark 4 propane Cannon is light in weight, weighs about 8.4 kgs.

The Zon Mark 4 propane Cannon can operate in strong windy conditions and cannot detach itself when blown away.  It is also fitted with brass electrodes that deliver constant sparks.

All components of the The Zon Mark 4 propane Cannon are machined to rigorous tolerances

The The Zon Mark 4 propane Cannon is also fitted with Optional quartz clock timer that turns cannon on and off at desired times by controlling gas flow.


The Zon mark 4 propane cannon also has a stable frame designed to prevent movement when detonating.

The Zon gun blasts are produced by clean burning the readily available propane gas.

The adjustable gas regulators allows you to set it to your desired blast intervals from about 40 seconds to 30 minutes

One Zon mark 4 propane cannon will protect approximately 1-5 acres depending on the profile and topography of the land.

Get one here at an affordable rate of $ 280.00.

Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap Review

Review for the Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap

The Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap is a flea trap that monitors and control flea infestations. The Victor Ultimate Flea Trap can be used to detect all indoor flea crises with over 90 percent trapping rate. The Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap as well as is used to attracts fleas that are 30 feet away.

The mature fleas use the heat from warm blooded hosts, which allows them to build up and reproduce. The Ultimate Flea Trap imitate the heat like those of the hosts, and eventually attract the fleas from where the breed and hide.

The Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap works best in dark rooms or places. Let the Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap stay overnight and in the morning all the fleas will have died.

The Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap does not kill all the fleas apparently. It is not 100 percent guaranteed but it will kill a lot of them. Use the Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap with an effective flea egg killer like the Mycodex plus spray.

The Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap comes in form of a dome which uses Super glue and that lures fleas from all directions. The adhesive made from super Grabber glue seizes them fast.

The Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap controls fleas without having to spray your home with the toxic chemical. This non poisonous and odourless trap enables you to use it in the home and around children and pets. Using the Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap all year round helps in the detection and early control of the fleas.


The Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap monitors and controls flea infestations. The Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap includes features like producing the high efficiency of the trap.

The fleas are attracted to The Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap colour, the heat and light from the bulb together with the sweet scent that has been specially devised with the sticky adhesives. The fleas don’t have a chance of escaping once trapped by the glue.

The Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap includes 1 trap and 2 glue discs which are refillable.

Directions for Use

  1. Divide into two the top cover of the trap from the bottom tray using thumb grips
  2. Cautiously place the light socket into the hole in the top of the trap canopy.
  3. Secure the socket in place with the treaded bulb protector provided. Do not over tighten.
  4. Gently insert the provided bulb.
  5. Insert the Glue Disc- grasp tab and remove release paper from the glue disc. Please the glue disc in the bottom of the trap.
  6. Reassemble the trap by aligning the top canopy directly over the bottom tray and press down firmly.

Mouse Traps Review

Review of two of the most effective mouse traps

LITTLE PETE™ Slim Multiple Catch Mouse Trap        

Are you tired of trying different mouse traps that bring forth no results? Are you tired of seeing that one mouse running in your house every now and then? Tired of using mouse traps that comes with no instructions at all? If the answer is yes, then you need The Little Pete Slim Multiple Catch Mouse Trap.


The Little Pete Slim Multiple Catch Mouse Trap comes as one unit device whose entire ramp can be easily removed. You do not require heavy machinery to dissemble The Little Pete Slim Multiple Catch Mouse Trap.

The Little Pete Slim Multiple Catch Mouse Trap can be removed and replaced within a very short time. The interiors of The Little Pete Slim Multiple Catch Mouse Trap are enhanced with glue boards that help in trapping of the mice easily.

The Little Pete Slim Multiple Catch Mouse Trap has a dual locking system that helps in holding the ramps securely and in place. The Little Pete Slim Multiple Catch Mouse Trap also contains holes for using wires or cable ties that are used to secure the lid. It an easy to use device and it is time efficient and saves you money.

Electronic Mouse Trap PRO

There are several types of electronic mouse traps.

·         Victor m250pro professional electronic mouse trap

·         Victor® electronic mouse trap pro

·         Electronic Mouse Rat Rodent Killer Electric Zapper Trap Poison Free Pest Control


Though we are going to take one case study; the Victor® electronic mouse traps pro.

The Victor® electronic mouse trap is highly effective. With a guaranteed 100% kill rate this trap is easy to us.

The Victor® electronic mouse trap does not require a lot of setting or adhesive glue. A single Victor® electronic mouse trap can kill approximately 100 mice, and provides a quick kill, with the death of the mouse occurring in 3 seconds.

The Victor® electronic mouse trap comes with a Safety shut off and tunnel design makes the strap ideal for use around children and pets. Distinct to the traditional mouse snap trap, the Victor® electronic mouse trap uses high voltage, quick and humane shock that kills the mice in seconds.


How It Works

The Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap PRO is equipped with advanced smart circuit technology that senses when a rodent enters the trap.

Once the rodent is inside, the patented tunnel design and bevelled columns hold the mouse in place and prevent any escapes.

The mouse steps onto the metal plates, completing the circuit and the trap delivers a quick, humane shock.

Each time the trap catches a mouse, the light on top of the trap flashes green for up to seven days to indicate a kill.

The Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap PRO also senses how many mice it catches. If it traps only a single mouse, it resets automatically and waits for another.

The trap can kill up to 3 mice per setting and 100 mice per set of 4 “AA” batteries.

To dispose of the mouse, just flip the lid open and dump the mouse directly into the trash for a hygienic and safe, no-touch, no-view disposal. The trap can either be reset or discarded. To reset, bait the trap, place and turn the trap on for continued rodent control.

Rentokil moth killer strips review

The Rentokil moth killer strips is a product that has been manufactured by Rentokil to kill moths that comes in a 2 pack.

It kills larvae and eggs of the moths and protects the clothes. It is also used to kill other insects like roaches, mosquitoes and flies.

They can last up to 6 months. And being odorless, you will hardly recognize the smell that comes from them unlike other pesticides that have very strong smell.

How to use the Rentokil Moth killer strips

Once you have bought this product you should unwrap it and place it in an area where moths are most likely to be found.

Clothes are the likely places so these should be carefully placed in them.  Not directly but using the tape that comes with them.

The ideal spot is at the wardrobes just next to the garments.

The reason for this is that they do cause staining of clothes. You will also not need to dry clean your clothes after this has been done.

Does the Rentokil Moth killer strips work?

If the strips are used according to the instructions written on them, then they will surely work properly. And within two weeks you should see a difference on since the moths will have been gotten rid of and or killed. For it to be very effective it is advisable to purchase at least two of these and place them in various spots of your house. If it fails to work then it definitely means that you did not use according to the specified instruction.

The other trick is to complement this product with other products like the breathable clothe covers or moth sprays.   You can be able to purchase this product online at the Amazon stores either in the UK or the US at very reasonable prices.