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Do we have an electronic lizard repellent yet

Where can I buy an electronic lizard repellent device?

These are some of the most common pests that crawl in our home and litter the house with their faces. But is there a company that has already manufactured a working electronic lizard repellent.

From the ones that I know I don’t think so.

But let us first review this pest so that we know whether there is a device for it.

Ok here are a few facts about the lizard. Some call it the house gecko.

Facts about the house geckos

  • They assist to keep the house free from spiders.
  • it is for this reason that they like to feed on the small insects.
  • When they want to mate, it’s the male lizard that produces some kind of sound that attracts the female.
  • You can actually see the eggs of female house gecko because its belly is translucent.
  • These pests can be able to withstand all types of climates and are very active during the night.
  • It undergoes autotomy; whereby it sheds its tail when it has sensed danger but this tail then grows back.

How to get rid of the house lizards

Since there has been not any specific electric lizard repeller, there are actually many natural ways to get rid of this pest.

The use of glue trap, sealing of ventilation holes where they enter the house from and keeping the room temperature low are some of the methods used to keep them away.

Now that we know that they like to feed on the insects then it will be better to get rid of the insects that they feed on.

The most efficient device that can be able to get rid of this creature can be purchased here and since it has been tried and tested on different pests then it should be the best to use.

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