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Dead rodent Removal

What are rodents?

Rodents are moderately little gnawing creatures that include mice, rats, porcupines and hamsters their relations, characterized by brawny regularly growing incisors.They represent the largest command of mammals.

These are some of the ways that you can use to remove dead rodents from your home?

There are many ways to remove these dead rodents from the house, cars, walls or even those that died inside the mattress or couch.

Dead rodents are characterized by

o    Pungent smell inside or outside the homestead

o    Occurrence of flies

o    Staining or marks on the walls or mats in the cars.

Once you get to notice this signs its a sure sign that there is a dead carcass that requires to be removed without more ado.

You’re main concern when animal carcasses are in your home. Sometimes when we get rids of these dead animals; they may be covered in, ticks or maggots, which are known to cause an outbreak of diseases into your home.


Dead rodents removal is can be very simple, very difficult and most of all dirty. When a rodent dies somewhere in a plains eye view like under the house, in the attic, or so on the removal can be very simple.

On the other hand,   when the animal dies in an unidentified area like under the insulation or maybe inside the mattresses or an attic that is full of stored things or a granary, etc. It is your job to find it and remove immediately.

Clean up any residues like the dead rodent’s fluids, and the maggots or insects. These can be extremely demanding. Deodorize the area. It’s also imperative to find the source of the problem, how did the rodents get in and take precautionary steps to prevent the same problem from happening again.

Dead rodents in the walls.  It’s common for the rodents residing in your attic to die there. Most of the time when a rodent dies in the attic, most of the odors accumulates in the house.

It’s usually problematic to find it up there, because it may be buried under the many unused household utensils and furniture that are there or storage boxes. Diligence will always pay off after finding the dead carcass and removing it.

Dead Animal under the House: Skunks, Groundhogs and beavers like living under high houses, or  in the crawl spaces. They repeatedly die under there. Since these animals are large, the odor can last even up to two months, so it is, therefore, advisable to hire professional  to crawl under there and bag the animal.

Dead Animal In vents: This does not occur very regularly, but it does happen, particularly if you’ve got a polished metal vent that the animals are incapable to climb out of. If the animals are in the vent above the damper, it may not be considered a dilemma but if they’re between metal vents s and chimney, then it is a big problem.

Cleaning up the area is most important after I removal of the carcass, bag it and take it to be incinerated. Then clean up any juices or maggots, spraying special organic cleaner that breaks down the biomass and molecules.

Let your house aerate. Open all the windows, and the stench will go away swiftly once the dead animal is removed.

Rodent removal cost

If you have a deceased carcass in your house or building, the full amount will most likely be between $100-$200 to locate and get rid of the dead animal, and neutralize the area. Some people charge more to cut holes to remove the dead carcasses and seal of the hole up afterward.


If you just have dead animals outside that needs to be picked up, the cost will be lesser because the work is an easy matter of control, and burning or another disposal method.

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