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D-Con rat poison reviews

How to use d-Con products to get rid of mice and other rodents

There are many ways that are used to get rid of pests in the house. Most of them I have discussed in my previous posts. In this post we will review the d-Con rat poison that is used to kill most of the pests in the house and especially rodents like mice. In fact d-Con has got a wide range of products that range baits to traps all which are used to get rid of the unwanted rodents out of your house.  Below is a review of the products that are manufactured by d-Con.

How it works

As mention earlier d-Con’s rodent control products are classified in two groups. Mainly baits and traps

D-Con Baits

In order to use baits, the condition is that the room or house should not have many people operating in it. The simple reason is that the contact with the human beings is supposed to very minimum as you know poison is poison and will kill even people if you are not careful. Types of such areas include garages, basements and also attics. They also come in 2 forms, blocks and pellets.

D-Con Traps

There are 3 types of these namely glue, live and snap. These are used in areas where the traffic of human beings is most active. Once the rodents have been trapped, they can then be disposed of elsewhere.

Another thing to note that the active ingredients that is contained in the d-Con pellets and blocks is Brodifacoum and Diphacinone. These are very lethal and are capable of even killing human beings.

What is the d-Con rat poison’s effect on dogs?

This will depend on the amount that the dog has taken. But according to the site this bait is only meant for rats alone.


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