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Crystal silica gel bed bugs review

Is silica gel good for bed bugs?


What is silica get bed bug powder?

The crystal silica gel cat litters are not really gel but they are small salt like crystals or pellets that can be bought from local stores or online. They are made from silica, which is composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2). This is harvested naturally from sand then refined and later packaged. It is unlike diatomaceous earth which mainly remains of dead plants.

The silica gel has been around for many years but its use has not really been on the spotlight as much and many people still prefer to use the diatomaceous earth for killing bed bugs as compared to the silica gel bed bug powder. But if you compare the two you will find that the latter is a more effective option and call kill up to almost 100% of the bedbugs in your house.

How silica gel is used to kill bed bugs

Now that we have understood what silica gel is, let us now see what its uses are. One of its uses is to prevent cat littering. It is used to absorb cat urine on sofas and other furniture by absorbing it and preventing bacterial growth.

Not safe for humans

This gel is not safe for humans and studies have shown a certain disease known as sarcoidosis which has been linked to the inhaling of dust from the silica gel.

The other use for silica gel is for killing bed bugs.

We know very well how bed bugs can sometimes be very annoying in our homes. This gel will work as a desiccant, which means that it will dehydrate them to death. Once you have bought silica gel powder, here are the steps on how to use it.

  • Crush it into a very fine powder.
  • Apply on the affected area, which includes mattresses, couches, cracks on walls and any other affected areas. If you can also find the eggs, then you might want to apply on them as well so that they do not hatch.
  • This gel is harmful so you might want to use a mask while applying it on the surfaces that have been affected.
  • You should continue to do this for more than one month to see its effectiveness.

So where can you buy the crystal silica gel? There are many online stores, but the major one is, of course, amazon online store where you can get it very cheaply at about only $20, and you have it shipped to your home as well.

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