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Contech catstop ultrasonic outdoor cat deterrent review

Review of the Catstop ultrasonic cat deterrent

The Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent is one of the most accepted ultrasonic cat repeller on the market. It works in much the same way as other comparable devices by releasing a sharp high frequency whenever its motion detector is triggered. Cats cannot stand this exasperating noise, even though it is inaudible to humans.

Once the cats learn about the motion detected and censored areas they will try as much as possible to avoid these areas. You can try mounting the Contech Catstop Ultrasonic cat deterrent in odd places where the cats might not think it’s possible to have one. For example, the garden, next flower beds or the lawn.

How the Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent works

The Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent is a very simple to install the machine. You only require a 9-volt battery and you are good to go. Simply place the Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent in your house at a clear place where you can easily see it yet the same place is where the cats like resting. With time the cats will realize that this is not their comfort zone anymore and they will flee from the area.

 Description of Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent

The Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent comprises the following:

  • 80 degrees coverage angle
  • 20 feet detection
  • 3-4 month battery life (low traffic)
  • 9-volt alkaline battery
  • Active Red LED
  • Output frequency: sweeping from 21-25 KHZ.

It also water resistant, eco-friendly and humane. The Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent can also be used in repelling cats from cars and the gardens. The Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent can also be used to deter other intruders in the house like mice, squirrel and sometimes dogs too.

It is possible some dog breeds may be able to hear the CatStop frequency, as their range is not the same as cats, dogs will not be disturbed by the unit.

Cats can sometimes be a nuisance in our lives. They do some stuff that irritates us though they are meant to be the pest. Some of their bad behaviors include

  • Scratching furniture
  • Eating plastic in the house
  • Urinating on our clean carpet
  • Scratching the door
  • Eating kitten food
  • Digging in the garden
  • Leaving their cat paw tracks everywhere

If you have experienced any of the above habits from your cat then it is time you got yourself the Catstop Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent. This is a pest control device manufactured by Goodlife Company and works by using motion to detect the movement made by the cats.

Once it has been installed in the area where you would like to deter the cat, it will detect any kind of movement around the unobstructed area using a built-in motion sensor. It will then emit high-frequency ultrasonic sounds that cannot be heard by any human being. These sounds and waves will irritate them and they will be scared away. And from thereon it will associate that point with a very bad feeling and never go to that point again.

This device does not work continuously and will only emit these sounds when the cat appears and that motion is detected within a radius of over 25 square meters. It is also suitable to work outdoors. It uses a 9-volt single alkaline battery that is capable of lasting up to 6 months. Being very easy to install you can get it up and run in less than 10 minutes.

Here are the other technical features of the Catstop Ultrasonic cat repellent

  • Displays led light (red) indicating if the device is on.
  • It is weather resistant and therefore will work on all types on whether having been made from durable materials.
  • Can detect the cat’s movement to a range of 20 feet.
  • Takes only 3 seconds from when the unit is activated to start functioning.
  • Comes with 2 stakes for mounting
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