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Complaints about the Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

Most people usually complain in many pest control forums that this electronic pest control device is not working and fail to realize that it only starts to do so once motion has been detected.

The fact is that you will not hear any ultrasonic sound of it unless there is a motion. Again the Bell & Howell Outdoor Animal Repeller is not meant to be used to get rid of smaller insects and rodents in the house it is only used for the outdoor animal rodents.

Another complaint is usually about the package that comes together with it.

Stuff like the batteries are not packed together so don’t expect to get this. The other thing is about whether or not it uses the solar now this one is still being debated but after going through this review of the Bell Howell Animal Repeller you will at least come to an understanding of how it functions.

It comes with clear instructions on how it should be used so I do not see there being any negative review about it.

But this does not necessarily mean that all electronic gadgets from the Bell Howell do function correctly one or two may not deliver what they promised to and all you have to do is to pack it and return to the manufacturer.


The Bell & Howell animal Repeller is a very humane way to get rid of unwanted animals that have been messing up your yard for quite some time. You do not want to hit the animals and may be hurt them but you just want to keep them away from your lawn.


Where it can be purchased and the cost


You can be able to get yourself one unit of the Bell and Howell Outdoor Animal Repeller at very many online stores.

There are even those that ship the same day and offer a discount, it all depends in the urgency that you have and you should not let the animals to continue disrupting your peace.

The cost is even unbelievable it is very cheap and you will regret a lot why you had to continue paying the pest control company for all that while.

Get it here Bell + Howell 50104 Motion Activated Ultrasonic Solar Powered Animal Repeller

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