Riddex Power Plus Pest Repeller Review

Riddex Power plus (Set of 2)

There have been several reviews about Riddex Pest Repeller as to whether they do work or not to the point of having them discontinued from production due the several court cases.


Riddex Power Plus is yet another of this kind and has been designed to drive away crawling insects and other pests from your house.

It uses the electromagnetic technology and with this it makes use of the wiring of the house to create pulses that make pests especially those that are hiding in the cracks on walls of your house to feel uncomfortable and therefore they are driven away.

This is very useful especially when you want to get rid of pests like lizards, ants and roaches that like hiding inside cracks of walls of your house.


Riddex Power plus Electromagnetic Pest Repeller has another advantage in that it has an outlet at the side where you can be able to plug in other electrical gadgets and use it without having to plug it off from the main outlet.

This is important especially when you live in a house that has very limited outlet spaces.


The other feature of the Riddex Power Plug in Pest Repeller is that it has a Led light like most electronic pest control devices and will lighten up the room that it has been plugged in once you have switched off the lights.

It comes in a pack of two and you can use one for each level of the house. One thing that has to be noted is that this device is not to be used outdoors and will only be effective to get rid of pests and insects in your house.


Though its price is a bit on the higher side it is worth it unlike the other electronic pest control devices that use the same brand name. Purchase this device and get rid of insects and other crawling pests that are hiding in cracks on your walls.

Black & Decker Ex-310 direct plug in indoor pest repeller review

Black & Decker EX-310 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


This is yet another plug in pest control device that uses ultrasonic waves to get rid of pests and other rodents inside your house. The black & Decker direct plug in pest control device is only meant to be used indoors and therefore it may not be perfect for garden pests like squirrels and the like.

This device works in a more similar way like the Weitech ultrasonic pest repeller 0540. One thing that you might have noticed about these devices is that they work more or less the same but and there might be just a few differences here and there especially the range and frequency of the waves.


The ultrasonic waves and sounds emitted by the Black and Decker Ultrasonic Pest Repeller are not heard by the normal human being and this includes your kids. Some of your pests will also not be affected by these waves but there are just some few pets like rabbits, tarantulas and the like which might find these waves a bit irritating.


One unit of the Black & Decker ex-310 direct plug pest repeller will be enough to cover a small room however you will need multiple units of these if you have a larger room. The LED light will indicate that it is working correctly in addition to lighting up the room. It also comes in a three pack and you can be able to use them separately

The LED light will indicate that it is working correctly in addition to lighting up the room. It also comes in a three pack and you can be able to use them separately on different rooms.


The use of the black and Decker ex310 pest repeller is a very humane way of getting rid of insects and rodents and does not contain any harmful poison or traps that will kill them. It is also a “Green pest control” method.

There are also other black and decker pest control devices that i have reviewed in previous posts.