How long does it take to kill bed bugs with diatomaceous earth?

How to get rid of bed bugs with diatomaceous earth


First of all let us start by describing what diatomaceous earth is. This product which is also known by another name as bed bug dust is actually water plants that are ground to fine dust. So, therefore, it is nothing big but just a fancy name. It is also referred to as a natural way of getting rid of the bed bugs out of the house.


There are actually two different types of diatomaceous earth and you should not confuse one for the other. There is the food grade one and the pool supply type. The one that we are going to use here is food grade type.


This is how to use the diatomaceous earth to kill bed bugs


Step by step method


  • This product does not work alone and therefore you will need some water, alcohol, and soap.
  • You then mix all these ingredients at a ratio of 4.4.2 and put them in a spray container.
  • First of all, we have to identify where these bedbugs are.
  • You have to check everywhere from beddings, furniture and all the equipment that is suspected to harbor them. Vacuum and wash with hot water if necessary.
  • Once this has been done we then start to spray the bedbugs when we see them.


So how long does it take to kill bed bugs with diatomaceous earth


Now since this is a natural pest control method, you will not expect them to die immediately. It might take a few months for the bed bugs to completely disappear that is if it is applied correctly. This coupled with heat treatment (DIY) will surely do a good job.

The good thing to note is that you will have saved thousands of dollars if you were to hire an exterminator to rid your house off the bed bugs.

How to get rid of bed bugs in the mattress

Here is How to get rid of bed bugs in the mattress

Bed bugs are one of the major complicated pests to exterminate quickly.

The preeminent elucidation for bed bugs is to engage the help of a pest control professional with experience in productively controlling bed bugs.

Nonetheless, engaging professionals to get help you get rid off the bedbugs can be very   expensive and beyond the income of many people. Whenever you cannot afford to sign up a professional, and desire to give yourself a short and do-it-yourself bed bug control, there are various things you can do.

Point steaming

You may consider getting a trouble-free device that can generate steam at your local store. You may also consider converting a simple electric kettle and make it a steam machine by attaching a bendable tube. The steam ought to kill all bedbugs and their eggs. Spraying In detail steam all corners and seams of the mattresses and bed.

Vacuum your mattresses.

Vacuuming will eliminate bugs and eggs from mattresses, paying particular attention to tufts seam and edges of mattresses. After which, you dispose of the contents in the vacuum in a sealed trash bag. You might also steam clean the mattress that is also can  accommodate for  the killing bugs and eggs that vacuuming may have missed.

Application of silica gel.

Crush up crystal silica gel and apply in your bedroom. Put some on your mattress. The bright silica gel will get stuck to the bug, and it cannot be shaken off, causing the bed bugs to dehydrate and die.

Use tea-tree or ti-tree oil.

Vacuum and wash all bedding with these oils that help in eradicating the bugs.

Treatment of Bedding with Pesticides.

The use of EPA registered pesticide products that have labelled instructions on how to treat various mattresses and bedding.

How to get rid of bed bugs fast and in contact

 Use of selected insecticides safely. There are no sprays that kill bed bugs extremely well.  Most industrial insecticides will eliminate the bed bugs if applied carefully and directly to the insects and their hiding places. “Bug bombs”, or spray can foggers are an exception. Foggers are mostly effective in controlling bed bugs. Because bed bugs hide in crevices and voids where aerosols penetrate, their use is recommended


Diatomaceous earth (DE)

This dust can be used  for insect control especially the bed bugs This is a rough dust that dries out, bed bugs when they get  in contact with it.  Pest control companies currently use the DE dust broadly in bed bug control. This fairly economical dust can be purchased online or in hardware stores.


Low toxicity contact sprays 

SteriFa  or Bedlam  are often used  to kill bed bugs only on contact. Alcohol- and soap-based sprays, are only partly effective. Once dry, all these products, are most likely to provide no further control.Repeated treatments are so more often than not needed because the eggs will not be killed by alcohol-based sprays. Caution should be observed when using sprays containing alcohol because they may be combustible.


 Pyrethroid sprays are amongst the stronger and durable  pesticides, but most bed bugs are dead set against the use of  these sprays to some degree. Exceptional care should be taken when using pyrethroid sprays, especially when children are present

Crystal silica gel bed bugs review

Is silica gel good for bed bugs?


What is silica get bed bug powder?

The crystal silica gel cat litters are not really gel but they are small salt like crystals or pellets that can be bought from local stores or online. They are made from silica, which is composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2). This is harvested naturally from sand then refined and later packaged. It is unlike diatomaceous earth which mainly remains of dead plants.

The silica gel has been around for many years but its use has not really been on the spotlight as much and many people still prefer to use the diatomaceous earth for killing bed bugs as compared to the silica gel bed bug powder. But if you compare the two you will find that the latter is a more effective option and call kill up to almost 100% of the bedbugs in your house.

How silica gel is used to kill bed bugs

Now that we have understood what silica gel is, let us now see what its uses are. One of its uses is to prevent cat littering. It is used to absorb cat urine on sofas and other furniture by absorbing it and preventing bacterial growth.

Not safe for humans

This gel is not safe for humans and studies have shown a certain disease known as sarcoidosis which has been linked to the inhaling of dust from the silica gel.

The other use for silica gel is for killing bed bugs.

We know very well how bed bugs can sometimes be very annoying in our homes. This gel will work as a desiccant, which means that it will dehydrate them to death. Once you have bought silica gel powder, here are the steps on how to use it.

  • Crush it into a very fine powder.
  • Apply on the affected area, which includes mattresses, couches, cracks on walls and any other affected areas. If you can also find the eggs, then you might want to apply on them as well so that they do not hatch.
  • This gel is harmful so you might want to use a mask while applying it on the surfaces that have been affected.
  • You should continue to do this for more than one month to see its effectiveness.

So where can you buy the crystal silica gel? There are many online stores, but the major one is, of course, amazon online store where you can get it very cheaply at about only $20, and you have it shipped to your home as well.

How to kill bed bugs with home remedies

Here is how to kill bed bugs yourself

Have bedbugs infested your home? If your answer to this question is yes, then you need to read this post very carefully and learn how to kill bed bugs home remedies. These are remedies that can be done by yourself without having to hire an exterminator or pest control companies that will make you pay lots of money. There are very many companies that get rid of bedbugs like orkin and their prices can be found here.

You can also purchase the Harris bed bug killer at home depot and this is an ointment that can be applied and kill bugs. There is also fumigation of bedbugs that you can learn about its costs and how long it takes in this post here. Now all these are not natural ways and this post is all about home remedies that can be done by you. Let us now highlight some of the various ways in which a homeowner can be able to kill these pesky creatures without harming the surrounding environment.

Submission to high temperatures

One fact about bed bugs is that they cannot survive in very high temperatures that are over 30 degrees. Now once we have established where they have infested including clothes and mattresses, we should then proceed to steam these items or subject them to high temperatures. This will result in them being killed. There are hand stem blowers that can be bought in stores locally.

Use of Nontoxic baits

Diatomaceous earth is also a remedy that can be used to kill the bed bugs. Buy these and spread around the area where they have infested. This is very safe with human beings and therefore can be used as much as possible. What happens with this food is that once they have fed on it, they become dehydrated and therefore suffocate.

I will highlight more remedies on how to kill bed bugs in future posts.