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How does the Bird-X Balcony Guard Bird Repeller work?

How the bird-x balcony guard bird repeller works

This gadget once it has been turned on emits strong ultrasonic waves that in turn deter the pests and make them to run or fly away to a safer place.

It has a motion sensor that helps to detect any movement of the birds one it has been switched on.

This is very important because unlike the other products, this one does all the work for you instead of you having to sit there and watch where they are coming from so that you can be able to strategically place it for maximum performance.

Unlike some other ultrasonic bird repellers, this one uses both the AC and DC function meaning that you can be able to use it with or without electricity and use batteries.

This will be very useful for the people who have barns far away from their homes and there is no electricity around. The batteries are however not included in the package.

The Bird X Ultrasonic Bird Repellant also comes with an extension cord that covers and area of up to 50 feet.


The other thing about this device is that it is weather proof and so it can be used even when it is raining heavily.

You just have to leave it outside and it will take care of the rest.

There have been some few negative reviews about whether it works or not and what I can say is that for it to be more effective then you have to try and use it together with other related products that I will mention below. The products are:

  • Bird-X Irri-Tape Bird Repelent Ribbon
  • Dalen HST Holographic Bird Scarer Tape

Both these devices do not cost much at all each of them goes for close to $7 and purchasing them all together as package will ensure that you scare away all the flying creatures in your yard.


This ultrasonic bird control device also works very quietly and does not make a lot of noise.

These noises are only heard by the pests themselves.

It is also a very humane way of getting rid of them and is recommended once you start to see their droppings all over.

Instead of incurring cleaning costs over and over again you can just make this one time purchase and make you balcony, yard and windows clean.


Bird-X Gard Ultrasonic Bird deterrent gets rid of the following birds among others


  • Sparrows
  • Woodpeckers
  • Starlings
  • Swallows
  • Pigeons
  • Hotfoot
  • Goose
  • Canadian geese
  • Crows
  • Seagull

Deter all these creatures and make your home clean

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