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best ways to repel raccoons at home

Best ways to repel raccoons at home

Here are the 3 best ways to repel raccoons at home

Raccoons are attracted to areas inhabited by humans due to the fact that there is an abundant food supply. Many People leave out food for their home pets, and this makes it easy for the raccoon to eat the food instead.

Raccoons are also quite skilled at getting into trash cans and making a meal out of the food scraps they find inside. Once a raccoon has learned of a source of food around your house, getting rid of it will not be an easy deed. It will carry on coming in search of more food. There are a few DIY you can try to repel raccoons.

Raccoons have now moved into cities than in the forest. They have learned to adjust to urban environments and they have essentially lost the fear of people. They are agile, sturdy, smart, and have dexterous hands.

A raccoon won’t leave an area just because of some odor. As a matter of fact, most repellents you can buy from Home Depot and online are typically mothballs, which are expensive to manufacture and most of the time end up polluting the environment. The top “repellent” is so as to eliminate whatever is attracting the animals. You can opt to trap and remove them.

Pepper spray

Raccoons are known to have a very good sense of smell; also they hate the smell of pepper. You can make a liquid pepper repellent that will keep raccoons away from your home and its surroundings.

To create the pepper repellent, grab a bottle of hot sauce or cayenne pepper. Fill up a one-gallon basin with water and then add the hot sauce or pepper. Mix the mixture while adding some drops of liquid dish detergent. This helps the repellent stay where you spray it.

Fill up a spray bottle with the mixed solution and store the rest in your refrigerator. Spray the repellent around your plants and vegetables also spray it around the perimeters of your yard and next to the garbage can.

If a raccoon comes around, the pungent scent of the pepper may send it scampering away. The pepper loses its scent after a few days, therefore re-spray whenever necessary.

Onion and Pepper Repellent

The onion and pepper odor is not an appealing smell to raccoons; therefore this repellent helps keep raccoons away. In a large container, combine half a gallon of water, two spoons of cayenne pepper, one sliced jalapeno pepper, and one chopped onion.

Boil the mixture and then let it cool for twenty minutes. Take out the onion and pepper then pour it to a spray bottle.

Spray the onion and pepper repellent around the perimeters of your yard and garden. Spray it around your garbage can to keep raccoons from getting into your garbage. Subsequently, the smell will fade after a few days, you will need to spray the mixture twice a week.


Raccoons, in spite of their tendency to make a huge mess out of a can of garbage, they are very clean animals. They don’t like the scent of urine around their food.

Urine contains ammonia; the scent of ammonia is very strong.

You can try to keep a raccoon from hanging around your house and your garbage by soaking some strips of cloth in ammonia and placing them tactically around your yard.

Place them beside your garbage cans as well. When a raccoon smells the ammonia, it will think it is some urine of another animal, and it might decide to go elsewhere.

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