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Which is the best Electronic Insect Repeller?

How to choose the best electronic insect repeller for your home

Most home owners usually find it very difficult to choose the best electronic insect repeller. For the average person, who has never owned one before will depend on reading positive and negative comments on forums. But how can you entirely rely on these reviews? Some of them just want to push a certain device to the market and therefore will try and make the other device to look ineffective.  Let us now try and analyze the features that a good repeller is supposed to have.

Use of both ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves and sounds

The ability of an insect repeller to use both of these technologies in getting rid of the insects is very important for its functionality. The main reason for this is they hide in two places either in the open spaces of the room or hide in cracks on walls. The ultrasonic sounds and waves will only repel the insects that are crawling in the open space. These include spiders, flies and mosquitoes and ants. The other ones that hide in cracks on walls need gadgets that emit the electromagnetic sounds. These operate by using the wiring circuit of your house and create an electromagnetic field which makes the feeding of the insects impossible. So if a repeller has both of these features then it is the ideal gadget.

Alternating frequencies

Most insects have the tendency of getting used to a certain frequency and therefore become immune and are not deterred anymore by the device. This resistance is only solved if a device uses alternating ultrasonic frequencies to get rid of them. It is very important to consider this when trying to purchase one.

Other features that are on the device apart from the ones that have been mentioned above do not affect the functionality but beauty like having an extra plug at the side to use for other electronic devices or a led light to light up the room at night.

Positive reviews on pest control forums

This is definitely another factor to consider in choosing the best insect repellent for your home. There are many trusted online store and pest control forums that you can browse the comments section and make your informed decision.

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