Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Outdoor Animal Repeller Review

The Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Outdoor Animal Repeller Review

The Bell & Howell Animal Repeller is another kind of an electronic pest control device that gets rid of animals that have infested your garden and caused a lot of damages.

This device is not like the other one by the same company that uses mostly electromagnetic waves to only get rid of pests and insects inside your house.

When you purchase this device you will ensure that your home is free of most of bigger animals and rodents.

How it works

Bell and Howell Animal Repeller works by emitting high pitched ultrasonic sound which is not heard by the normal human ear and it is only heard by the animals and it irritates them to a point that they have to find a different place to hide.

It has an infrared light that works even at night and easily detects motion which means that even at night it can be able to notice some movement and starts to emit these sounds without you having to control it at all.

When it is activated, that it when it notices some movement, it automatically starts to work.  It uses 4 AA batteries that are usually not included in the package but can be purchased separately at any retail store.

One piece of advice about purchasing stuff online is that you have to make sure that you really know what is being included in your shipment and only buy from stores that are trusted so that you do not end up losing your time and hard earned cash.

The Bell Howell Animal Repeller pest control device also uses solar and this is for the detecting part which means only the infrared part of it. It lasts for a long duration of time and is also weatherproof.

Does the Bell and Howell Animal Repeller Work?

The Bell + Howell animal Repeller surely does work and after you have placed it at a convenient place in your garden you will start to notice that animals will not want to come in anymore and this indicates that it is working. Another thing that you need to know about the Bell and Howell outdoor

Another thing that you need to know about the Bell and Howell outdoor animal Repeller is that unless it has detected a motion it will not work, it only starts to work when the infrared light detects some sort of movement.

Many people who purchase this product and after they have mounted it somewhere in the garden expect it to start working immediately well this is not the case as it will only start to emit the high pitched ultrasonic sounds only after it has detected some motion.

After it has detected a motion usually about 30 to 60 seconds is when it will then start to work.

Where it can be placed   

The Bell and Howell Outdoor Ultrasonic Animal Repeller usually comes with its own mounting rack but if you do not want to use this, the you can be able to mount it anywhere like the fence or on a wall since it comes with screws again ensure that you have checked everything that is included in the package before you start to use it.

It can be able to sense motion at a distance of about 30 feet and so you should ensure that within this distance, most animals that cause damage to your flowers can be gotten rid.

The Bell + Howell Outdoor Animal Repeller is cordless and so you don’t have to worry about causing accidents to your pets or kids while they are moving around the place it has been mounted.

Animals that are within range and here am talking about a range of 70 degrees, even on the neighbors yard can also feel these sounds and so you should not be surprised if their dog suddenly starts to avoid the garden.

Animals it Repells 

The animals that are repelled by the Bell Howell Animal Repeller are:


Stray cats and dogs








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