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bell howell ultrasonic electromagnetic pest repeller

Bell Howell Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Pest repeller

Bell Howell Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Pest Repeller Review

The Bell Howell Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Pest Repeller is another kind of an electronic pest control device that rids your home or office of those roaches, ants, mice, rats and even spiders. You don’t have to use any traps or any chemicals as this device will work just as well as any other kind of pest control device that helps in keeping your home safe from these disease-carrying insects and rodents that can be harmful to you, your kids, pets and even your visitors. The signal that is emitted by this device is also not harmful at all to the normal human being.

How does the Bell Howell Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Pest Repeller Work?

This device works just like the Riddex Digital Pest Repeller in that it uses the wiring in the house to create an electromagnetic field that makes the insects and rodents to feel uncomfortable thus they are repelled away. The pests are not killed but are just driven away to a different location. The makers of this device are well as the name suggests Bell Howell.

What is the Cost of Bell Howell Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Pest Repeller?

It will not cost you much at all. The only difference is that you will find that different stores will have varying prices for it. Like at the Csn stores you will buy it at $15.99 after getting a discount of $4, the original price tag is $19.99 while at the Amazon has it going for $17.99 which of course includes shipping but only within the US. So the choice is absolutely yours to purchase it from any place you like without having the thought of getting broke at all.

Its other feature is that it is very quiet and you will hear not any noise from it once it has been switched on, such a cool feature huh. Another thing that people always want to know is whether this device is safe for kids and the answer to this question is definitely yes. This device cannot be heard by the normal person and so it can’t cause any harm if you can’t hear it.

It is only meant to irritate pests that are in the house and that is all no other animal are supposed to be affected by the pulse that is produced by this device and you are not supposed to worry if your small kids are around and you have turned it on. I will be talking more about the Bell Howell Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Pest Repeller Pros and Cons in my later posts so keep on checking.

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