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Do it yourself bat removal methods

How to get rid of bats by yourself

These are types of intruders that come to our homes and live in the attic without our permission. There are many kinds and species that can be found.  Bat removal do it yourself involves getting rid of these rodents by yourself without having to hire any professional to do it for you.

The best way to get rid of bats in your house naturally is by exclusion. With this method, the bats are killed but are gotten rid of permanently from your building. This is a very humane way of chasing the bats away.

First and foremost you will have to thoroughly inspect your house and identify where they have roosted. This can be quite difficult because they hide a lot, especially in the attic. You can notice where they are by checking out their droppings. You will also have to note the type of bat you want to remove because of their different sizes.

Now the next step involves the sealing of the holes where they enter the building from. Here we are not talking about the main entry points, but other small outlets.

After this has been done then it Is time to now install the exclusion or funnel. These are devices that will let the bats go out as usual during the night but will find it very difficult to get back in at dawn. This is where they are trapped thus excluded.

Once they have been forced out of your building and attic then it is time to seal all the holes that they were using to get in and because they can never drill the holes or chew by themselves, then you can never find them near your house building again. The last step of the do yourself bat removal is to clean them out hygienically because like any other pests they do carry diseases around.

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