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Bat Magic Repellent Review

Bonide 876 4 Pk Bat Repellent

Bats sometimes usually come to our houses and cause damages like littering all over the house and leaving it dirty. With the Bat magic Repellent, manufactured by Bonide Company, all this will end as this product will scare all the bats away from your house.


How it works

All you have to do is to place some packets of the Bat magic Bat Repellent where you see the bats coming in to your house from and it will do the rest. It also does not cause any harm to the bats themselves and so it is one of the humane ways to get rid of the bats in your shed or attic.


It has all natural ingredients and has no harmful poisons at all and will therefore not harm you at all or the kids or even your pests. It comes in a 4 pack and so you can place these at different places around the house for maximum effectiveness.

This formula does not get rid of other pests and is only meant to deter bats so you should not expect it to work on roaches, mice, spiders, fleas and other insects and pests.


The Bonide Bat Magic Repellent also has a very pleasant smell and will actually act like an air freshener in your house. This is a plus for this product since you not only want it to perform one task but two would be better.


This Bat Repellant is very cheap and will also last for up to 30 days before the need to replace. You will have to give it sometime before it starts to repel the bats may be a day or two to start to see some results and hopefully if you have placed it at the right places then expect it to work perfectly.

Purchase this product and get rid of those creepy bats out shed and attics.

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